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  1. BodkinsOdds

    BodkinsOdds' THAC0 - 0.0.1

    Bam, I updated it. Everything is configurable and you can switch to BAB if you want. Still missing: Ability Modifiers for AC Built-in Custom To-Hit Calculation PS. Is it possible to update the thread title, or am I stuck with the initial version number until final release?
  2. BodkinsOdds

    BodkinsOdds' THAC0 - 0.0.1

    Hello. I don't know how much interest there is in this, but I've got a small plugin that adds AD&D style THAC0 and AC to RPG Maker MV. Here it is: BOP_THAC0.js Version Notes: 0.2.0 Added hook to add dex bonus to AC Version Notes: 0.1.2 Fixed a stupid mistake with RegEx. Base AC will now be...
  3. BodkinsOdds

    Issues Getting Values From Armor Notetags

    Thank you, that almost fixed everything. I knew I had to be doing something dumb. For some really odd reason though, I had to switch to this: if ( { if (armor.etypeId === 4) { ac =; } else { bonus +=; } } When I was using...
  4. BodkinsOdds

    Issues Getting Values From Armor Notetags

    Hello, I'm writing a plugin to add old school AD&D style THAC0 and AC, but I'm having trouble getting the data out of my armor note tags. I've got Harold wearing cloth with <ac: 8> and a shield with <ac: 1>, so this should result in him having an AC of 7. Instead my code is giving him the...
  5. BodkinsOdds

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    And to the original question of adding a D4 to a formula it would be Math.randomInt(4) + 1, meaning the complete formula is: a.atk + Math.randomInt(4) + 1 - b.def Oh, sorry. I seem to have missed the intervening posts that answered already.
  6. BodkinsOdds

    How do M4a BGM files know when to loop..?

    Actually, I'm pretty sure Android uses OGG, M4A is for Mac support. Does this help? From the Audacity Manual: Custom FFmpeg export options In the Export dialog when you select Custom FFmpeg Export in the Save as type dropdown, then the Options pane will contain the Open custom FFmpeg...
  7. BodkinsOdds

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Actually, you're overthinking it. The final statement in the formula is the damage, so all you need to do for this is: var d =; a.setMp(0); d And done. This one is easy. First, if you get rid of the ;end it'll work fine, secondly you don't need to type in the damage formula...

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