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  1. Theguysayshi

    Script to Manually end an actor turn in battle

    Hi there, I have a small but seemingly easy script request that I can't find the answer to. I have a timer parallel processing event, when this timer reaches zero, I'd like to call a script that ends the actor turn instantly, ignoring any inputs (the actor skips his turn) I have no idea how to...
  2. Theguysayshi

    Force Action: Quick question using the script version

    Would anyone mind showing me how is it called? I want to use the script version of "Force Action" as I want to call the command with variables. I've tried: $game_actors[0].force_action(1,0)/ $game_party[0].force_action(1,0) for actors and $game_troop.members[0].force_action(1,0) for enemies...
  3. Theguysayshi

    Is it possible to extend/alter a state's duration in battle?

    Hi there, Each state has a set turn duration, but I was wondering if it can be extended via a scripts so they can last longer or shorter depending on the battle. Once such problem is when using a move that gives you many positive states for one turn, but the states stand alone last for longer...
  4. Theguysayshi

    Decreasing Hp or Mp overtime in battle?

    In my game, I’d like to have a poison state that decreases Hp or Mp my a percentage every second in battle. So far, I’ve tried doing this by creating a parallel processing common event that decreases Hp/mp per second, but this only works outside of battle, I’d like it to work in battle...
  5. Theguysayshi

    Adding Poison States that decrease HP or MP in real time in of battle

    Greetings! What I'd like to do is add a poison state, that decreases the players HP/MP in real time during battles/battle selection menu to promote pressure when selecting choices. I managed to get this to work with parallel processing common events, but only outside of battle. I'd like to get...
  6. Theguysayshi

    Set the default cursor/choice option with a variable

    Sorry in advance if this has been asked already, but I've searched all over and to no avail on any scripts that do this. I have a game play idea that revolves around the the changing the default cursor position in menus. This would be done through a variable (Eg. when variable is set to 0...
  7. Theguysayshi

    JP Choices Script brings an error, how can I make it work?

    Apologies in advance for anything stupid, this is my first post on the forums. So, I have this great script made by a Japanese Creator that adds more options to choices, specifically: - More than four choices - Menu positioning - Display info for choices etc... But most importantly, it is able...

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