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  1. D4yz

    What's the issue here?

    This is a resource request of sorts, I recently made this for a request. I've never really created a fully functional sprite. But this was my first attempt. My request is, what is the issue with this sprite, something about it simply feels off, besides it being overly rigid. There's something...
  2. D4yz


    I'm in need of a Portrait. No rush, and whoever takes up the request I'd like to have do all the portraits for my project. That's asking alot perhaps, but I'm in no rush either. And my minor OCD would love nothing more then perfect consistency of style across all pieces. The style of work I'm...
  3. D4yz

    Title Screen

    Hey everyone. I had a request for a project I've recently embarked on lol. My first ever game, but not the first time I poke around with sprites being a huge GBA, GB, NES, SNES fan. I need a Title screen for the game that I'm creating- but I'm incredibly indecisive. And the finality of anything...

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Making his first game
This scene was suppose to be a test... but now, it's going in the game as official side/optional content. :kaosalute:

functionality(This is function demo not game demo)
1 The door of ABS map can open upon clearing all the monsters
2 Secret room/road arrow/lighting/whatever others can be shown upon clearing too
3 Boss HP bar and loot effect, loot jump and item name color as well as the pick-up animation effect
4 Back to town and "victory aftermath" screen for ABS maps/rooms
Playing one of the two RM2k3 games I was best known for back in the day, one I made in the Spring semester of my Freshmen year in college like 15 years ago, feeling all kinds of ways about it. I have not played this game in WELL over 10 years. I feel a million years old RN.
One of these days, I need to find/figure out how to replicate the Brave/Default system. Heheh...

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