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  1. SiiOs

    Follow Up Skills

    Wow I love this plugin already. I was thinking of implementing something like this but now I don't even have to worry about it or try writing a plugin. Thanks a bunch.
  2. SiiOs

    AP - Mana Shield

    Heya! This looks pretty exciting. We don't have a barrier plugin for MZ yet so I'm currently experimenting with this one. I couldn't get it working but I now realize you have to specifically set <MS_Split_x: y%> in order for it to work. Anyhow, thanks for the plugin!
  3. SiiOs

    Accurate Playtime

    Was just looking for something like this today and stumbled across the thread. Did as you said and it's working great. That inaccurate playtime was bugging me so bad. Thanks!
  4. SiiOs

    TRADE Shards of Chrysalism - Temporary Hiatus

    Not sure how much I can contribute as it kind of depends on the size of the project and how long the game will be....but I might be able to help out. Seems like a bit of a fun adventure. Depending on how extensive the need is, my skills are usually in the programming, eventing, skill animation...
  5. SiiOs

    In-Game Manual

    Just saw one of the other posts. For the other guy who wanted conditional statements, the best bet is to just use the "HideManuelEntry" based on certain switches being on or off. Each map could check for those switches, and you could even hide one entry and have another one on, then switch them...
  6. SiiOs

    Greying out instead of hiding items in Yanfly's Item Requirements

    There definitely is a way as I'm doing it in my current project. If I remember right it required changing a line of code in the plugin script. I'm not at home but I'll check and edit this message when I find it. Just to didn't check, you mean in the main menu equip area, correct? Or did you...
  7. SiiOs

    In-Game Manual

    Oddly enough I had no issue loading custom backgrounds at all and so I didn't modify that part of the code. This specifically helps load the blurred background when no custom image was set.
  8. SiiOs

    In-Game Manual

    Kind of a random post but if anyone is having issues using this in 1.6.2, I found a fix that seems to work for me. On line 802 change this._backgroundSprite.bitmap = SceneManager.backgroundBitmap(); to this this._backgroundSprite = SceneManager.backgroundBitmap(); Been working for me since...
  9. SiiOs

    Working on an RPG Maker project still

    Working on an RPG Maker project still
  10. SiiOs

    Skill Help...

    In the skill, you have to specify exactly what states it will absorb.
  11. SiiOs

    Skill Help...

    Also in the second picture it shows the text for absorbed states. What states are you trying to make this skill absorb? Currently it will only absorb states with the ID's of 21 through 40. Do you know all of the ID's of the states you want to absorb? Specifically, this is the text for the state...
  12. SiiOs

    Yanfly Damage Core Elemental Help

    Not entirely sure I can help, but one idea I do have is regarding the enemy. Are you using the "Enemy Classes" plugin by Himeworks? Without something like this plugin, I'm not entirely sure how the enemies would have the dlv hidden stat you're...
  13. SiiOs

    Skill Help...

    Do you have both Yanfly Battle Engine and Yanfly Skill Core plugins? They need to be above the absorb ailments as well. Also, if you can take a screenshot both of the code you have in the skill as well as the skill itself, it would help a lot with figuring out the problem. As part of the skill...
  14. SiiOs

    YEP auto passive state about removing and reseting a passive state?

    You could potentially use variables and have attacks have a random chance to raise said variable so that the target can resist states but I don't think you'll find a solution shorter or cleaner than what you have for the most part.
  15. SiiOs


    Under the help section when you select the plugin, it gives a lot of different png image files. You can rename whichever image you want to use for layout and place it in the battle hud folder under img. If you need examples on what each image is, you can see them in the master mog folder given...
  16. SiiOs

    VE - Battler Graphic Setup

    Are you talking about moving the entire character itself or just the face?. I think he did add in what you're asking. You can change the direction of charsets, or which way they're facing. When you're configuring sprite motion in each actor tag you can set a direction after choosing the loop and...
  17. SiiOs

    VE - Battler Graphic Setup

    I appreciate you looking a little more into this. It's probably something not used a lot but the game I'm making is a game based around summons/pets. If I remove them outside of combat there are no issues. It's just during combat. I did a common event on actor death (which gave the error) and...
  18. SiiOs

    VE - Battler Graphic Setup

    I tried both with and without battle engine core but has the same result. So yes it does happen without it.
  19. SiiOs

    VE - Battler Graphic Setup

    Hey Victor, I have a question for you regarding this plugin. I just started using it and it has been awesome so far but I have a problem with it I'm hoping you can solve (or point me in the right direction to solve it) I'm unable to remove party members from the fight in a battle if they're...

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