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  1. Edward.T

    Edward's MV Resource V0.22[Colosseum Tile Updated 10/15/2017]

    The new one had been attached.
  2. Edward.T

    what's the engine? mv or ace?

    what's the engine? mv or ace?
  3. Edward.T

    whtdragon's tilesets addons, fixes and more!

    amazing! Inspiration!
  4. Edward.T

    Edward's MV Resource V0.22[Colosseum Tile Updated 10/15/2017]

    There is not always enough time for me to creating the generator parts ,sometimes life will be hard for people or we could not to be free to do something we'd like to do.
  5. Edward.T

    Whtdragon's trees recolors

    I love this one 'new massive trees ' so much!
  6. Edward.T

    Sprited SV_Enemies

    This is really amazing!! especially the 1st one!
  7. Edward.T

    Ogedei's Asia Themed Content (Updated: 2019/01/01)

    I like the  Xieshan (Chinese hip-and-gable Roof) ,I will build something like it as well.
  8. Edward.T

    MV Generator parts name Suggestion

    I read the topic: MV Generator parts update  from Veteran, and I get the same problem,but I did not lose anything fortunatly.  I tested the "Clothing" parts and found something.  e.g: The official parts for Clothes[Generator\Variation\Male] is :icon_Clothing_p23.png If I named my...
  9. Edward.T

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    This is really amaaaaaaaazing!!!!!
  10. Edward.T

    Edward's MV Resource V0.22[Colosseum Tile Updated 10/15/2017]

    YesYesYes!This is just what I want and doing! Thanks! And yes, it work with female of course!
  11. Edward.T

    Nightshade's Resources (THERE ALOT IN HERE)

    This is really interesting ,so cute!So Cute! SO CUTE! [important need to be said three times!(...)] BD
  12. Edward.T

    Edward's MV Resource V0.22[Colosseum Tile Updated 10/15/2017]

    Oh! God! That's impossible, as there're more than 700 hundreds of Characters based on the game of Sangokushi/三国志, I think 50-100 characters parts will be enough for my project. Thank you !
  13. Edward.T

    Edward's MV Resource V0.22[Colosseum Tile Updated 10/15/2017]

    That's depend on the requirements of people.I'd like to build different kinds generator parts, but the one of 天地を喰らうII is my favorite.
  14. Edward.T

    Printing MV stock characters on T-shirts and Mugs

    Excuse me,about "People needed to get a special OK even when placing RTP on a website for the game," Is this means If we Show the Edit of RTP or RTP itself on a website? I think your mean is RTP which without edited to be showed on a website right? And how about show a Html 5 version  Game...
  15. Edward.T

    RPG Maker MV Parallax Mapper joins the fray!

    parallax mapping for VX, VX Ace make the world to be fantastic,thank you !
  16. Edward.T

    Celianna's MV tiles

    Thank you for sharing your tiles with us! 

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