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    On my journey to be musically adopted into the role as composer for an RPG, I've been slowly honing my skills. Skills that I'll be showing off here on this thread! To keep things tidy, I'll try to only update the top post [this one] with new tracks. I'll sensibly reply when needed - like for...
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    Hello, hello! I've finally done it. I've loosened my creative shackles and currently running away from the financial shackles that were, well, born from leaving my safe full-time job. While I'm fleeing, I figured it made since to stop by this lovely town and say my hellos! I'll be playing your...

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RivalRamen_Games wrote on jacobv1014's profile.
I really like your profile picture! Who is that in it? is she an OC?
Making his first game
This scene was suppose to be a test... but now, it's going in the game as official side/optional content. :kaosalute:

functionality(This is function demo not game demo)
1 The door of ABS map can open upon clearing all the monsters
2 Secret room/road arrow/lighting/whatever others can be shown upon clearing too
3 Boss HP bar and loot effect, loot jump and item name color as well as the pick-up animation effect
4 Back to town and "victory aftermath" screen for ABS maps/rooms

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