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  1. busbuzz

    RMMZ Variable HUD

    I'm looking for a hud or a visual way to show a variable in a corner which will be the score of a minigame. unfortunately, HUD maker is not android web friendly, and neither is FOSSIL. So I don't know what else to do.
  2. busbuzz

    Generator SV body types

    So, im currently working with the generator, and i noticed i have 2 different body types inside the genarator resources, those bodies are similar but have different poses. is there a way to change to the other one? did I add the other one that is not supposed to be there by mistake ? Also i...
  3. busbuzz

    RMMZ Tiamat

  4. busbuzz

    Recording gameplay help

    What's an easy way to record gamepley if i don't want anything too complicated as OBS studio?
  5. busbuzz

    Skill problems when deployment finished

    when I check "exclude unused files" the number of files from the effects folder goes down by a lot. however, it doesn't include animation files used by Visustella Custom action sequence commands. I need to decrease the number of files as much as i can. how can i know the files required for...
  6. busbuzz

    RMMZ Visustella picture common events as choices

    Im currently using Visustella picture common events. and i want to use it to replace default show choices just as shown in the video they have. So for example the inn, i want to pictures to appear and select them to either stay the night or leave. However i want to stay in that map. If i show...
  7. busbuzz

    RMMZ VisuMz_2_PartySystem help

    I just finished setting the plugins that I want for my game. Now I'm having problems making one feature of my game to work. @Shaz had helped me with this code to send the leader to the back of the party. $gameParty._actors.push($gameParty._actors.shift()); $gamePlayer.refresh()...
  8. busbuzz

    RMMZ Picture_Common_Events_VisuStella_MZ Help

    Is there anyone out there who could point me in the right direction on how to use this thing? I just read the instructions over and over and can't get to bind the images to the common events, the pictures are not clickable, there is no option to make the image appear though the plugin, i just...
  9. busbuzz

    RMMZ Different Battle BGM depending on map or Troop

    I really can't believe there is nothing like this out there. It would be really cool to have a plugin that changes the battle BGM depending on a comment on either the map or the troop. So that when you are in a map in the sky for example battles have different bgm than in a level that is a...
  10. busbuzz

    RMMZ MewglesCustomMapName modified to draw Icons

    I know next nothing about java javascript and/or programming but i'm here trying to make this work. The problem was that i wanted to be able to draw icons with Escape characters in the name of the map while using a custom name plugin. Mewgles changes the font to a custom font and size and...
  11. busbuzz

    RMMZ Map name Icons?

    Is there a way to show icons in the name of the maps? i tried \I[x]. It doesn't work
  12. busbuzz

    RMMZ VisuStella Impact, pop up and STB question.

    So i bought wave 5 that has visustella action sequence impact, together with Battle System STB. I want to have the effect of impact not only on criticals but also when the weakness pop up appears? how can i do that? i want to have the color bleak effect to occur every time i hit with elemental...
  13. busbuzz

    Buzz edits and creations

    Wouldn't it be cool to have your battler sprites normally blending in your cutscenes? that's exactly what my project is about. That's why I created my Beta template, a walking character that can be used together with battler sprites. Terms of Use For RTP default missing SV Battlers: Credit...
  14. busbuzz

    RMMZ SRDude Hud maker error on web deployment

    When i Deploy for web using the plugin SRDudeHud maker, i get errors and i want to know if someone has found a way around them. the game just can't start, i get the error "Nw is not defined"
  15. busbuzz

    web hosting on wix?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to host and play from a wix account? i have wix but i don't know how to export a folder. as a matter of fact i can't find any hosting site that lets you host the game just like that.
  16. busbuzz

    MZ Save

    So if I release a Demo version of my game and they like the game, is there a way i can give them everything they made so far in the complete version? someone must have created a plugin for this right? i don't want players who played 30 minutes of my game to play the whole thing again from...
  17. busbuzz

    RMMZ RMMZ with Visustella Battle core problem

    So i have been trying to find information from all over, and have been doing a lot of reading and i just can't seem to understand how to make my character use "use physical attack" with VisuStella Battle core. I just can't make it happen. Whenever i use a physical skill it just goes with the...
  18. busbuzz

    Conditional Actor in first position

    I'm using MZ i coudnt find a specific MZ help. but they're basically the same Ok so Im making a system that requires certain actors to perform certain action to be able to solve puzzles. There are two thing i'd like to have. how do i make a conditional that checks that actor 001 is in first...
  19. busbuzz

    MZ Question about phones playing the game

    So I am making a game feature that requires you to use action button to perform an action that will help with puzzles depending on your party members. My question is, how does the game work when transfered to a phone? is there a way to press the action button? because the events that require...
  20. busbuzz

    I lost all my work again.

    So i definitely think this has something to do with steam. When steam restarts and asks me my password again this happens. and this happens often because my stupid laptop has battery problems and the battery dies when not connected.

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