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  1. troops in the troop window are showing up very tiny after update.

    loaded my game today only to find out my troops are hard to see for some reason.. no this does not transfer to a new project troops i tested it. I honestly have no idea what could have triggered this to happen.
  2. Tileset refit help.

    I have a tileset i need help getting to not collide when at the correct size for mz. I tried using gimp and it is just to much for me to grasp. if someone could be kind enough to refit the linked tileset so none of it collides that would be great. I think all it needs is some things moved...
  3. Transfer player zoom option missing?

    This option was in vx ace, and now it is just gone. why and can the devs please be told to re add it. it makes placing transfers a pain on big maps

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 I’m probably going to regret this, but I need kobolds for my project and I’ve decided to sprite them myself. This is Attempt #1, front view only.

It's a shame that Selection Control will not be ported to MZ. I found a neat way of using it to enable ways for tanks to protect squishies. lol
Lately I have been taking a break from game and resource making so I won't get burnt out. But I am also interested in the Game Jams this site periodically holds. It'd be great if I knew when the next one, if any, is planned.
elexy 1.2.pngSome bust art to be cropped and cleaned. May use in special decision moments. Depending on how it looks in game I may cut it.
Tiamat-86 wrote on ATT_Turan's profile.
apparently since its turning 15 years old this year the ps3 is considered "retro". now how old do you feel?
guess that means im an "antique" gamer since ill still play games as old as i am.
"you know your getting old when your childhood console changes ethnicity" lol it turned yellow

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