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  1. Help with Conditional Branch BGS Event

    And just as soon as I posted this I realized my error: The switch for the baby's death event had to be set to Off in order to activate the Else branch of the conditional branch. What a headache.
  2. Help with Conditional Branch BGS Event

    So I'm trying to make it so that when the player transfers to a certain room that has a baby, a BGS will play of the baby crying. If you choose to kill the baby, upon re-entering the room, the BGS won't play. If you don't kill the baby the BGS will play when you re-enter. Right now I have it...
  3. Shadow Effect

    Ah, thanks to you both. Yes, it is a larger map than the window can display so I will definitely look into that script. I'll probably fiddle with overlays as well on the smaller maps.
  4. Shadow Effect

  5. Shadow Effect

    I was wondering how to make a shadow effect like the Witch's House. For example: I've seen the method of making a 544x416 border of shadow in an image editor and having an event display it, but that doesn't achieve the same effect as above. Any suggestions?
  6. Concurrent Events, Different Triggers

    Okay, so I actually figured this out pretty quickly thanks to this video: Basically I wanted to make an action RPG battle system without scripts. Since I spent way too long googling this only to find dead-ends, here's a image of the event from the video (in case for some reason the video...
  7. Concurrent Events, Different Triggers

    So I wanted to have an event with two different triggers, one triggered by the action button and one by event touch. As of now I have two events pages - one is triggered by event touch where the event enemy sprite inflicts damage on the player upon touching. The other event is the player...
  8. Hangman Puzzle

    That's a good work-around. I don't mind complex events, the game's not something I'm in a hurry to finish. Thanks for the help!
  9. Hangman Puzzle

    So I'm making a puzzle based on the classic hangman fill in the blank game. There's an image on a chalkboard of a noose and beside it a sentence with letters missing. The player inputs the letters and either the missing ones are filled in or body parts are added to the hangman. What I want to...

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