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  1. How to make a Sliding Picture Puzzle

    This a little confusing. A demo( with project file ) would probably help :) . Good work, nonetheless. Never thought the tiles can be done for such purpose, lol. Can make up a good minigame anytime ^_^.
  2. Candacis' Resources

    Sure :) . I can wait a long time, since there'll be time before the hooded guy can make his appearence. Good luck with Heroes and Dark skinned characters. Maybe I'll use one of them :) . Loving your work so far. Keep it up !
  3. Candacis' Resources

    Great ones! I really like the Portraits you've made :) . Do you think you could make a hooded guy portriat?
  4. Rei&Hyde's Workshop

    Nevermind. I will find a way to do it myself ^_^ .

    The patch is going to be released on 13 jan , so i have to use it before the deadline :) . Thankyou ! just what i needed . But is it alright for you to post in someone other's thread ?
  6. Rei&Hyde's Workshop

    Logo Title: (The title of your logo) : - [none] Sub-Text: (Other text that needs to be added) - [none] Scheme/Theme: (The theme of your logo) - [none] Render/Vector/Silhouettes: (If you have any chosen render, vector or silhouette please do link it here) - [don't have any] Details...

    Hello ! Your arts are awesome ! Are you free to take requests ? Can you make the sprites of this person  ? I just need a blue haired man, with armor sort of. I would like it to be finished within 2...
  8. Mouse System

    Thankyou so much Jet ! This has helped me a lot !
  9. Guide to simple tileset edits [Rearranging, clumping and recoloring]

    Amazing, The clumping and Recolouring is going to help me a lot :D !

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