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  1. PLEASE HELP! I think YEP AutoPassiveStates Don't Like State-to-State Changes.

    So, I think AutoPassiveStatesYEP is really not liking a state to state change. I get an error message whenever state to state change happens and when YEP Auto Passive States plugin is on. When it's off the state to state change works perfectly. However, I need YEP Auto Passive States on because...
  2. How Would I Go About Creating These States Plus Fixing Turn Counter?

    I have a few unique states or traits I would like to create and I'm not sure how to go about them. I have attempted a few of them but failed many times so I'm back at square one with all of these. Anyway, here are the unique states/traits I'm trying to create. Also, when a state is applied to...
  3. Looking For Dryads, Driders, and A Few Other Creatures.

    Finally, getting to the combat system of my game and I'm looking to add some new creatures and monsters resources to my RPG Maker MV library. I am welcome to anything but I am looking for some particular monsters which I will list below. If anyone knows where I can find some good creatures and...
  4. Looking For Character Generator Parts!

    Hi everyone! I have been searching around through the endless forums to find and add character generator parts to what I already have but it feels like I still don't have. It feels like there could be some better ones or there are a perfect gold mine where they're all at. Does anyone know...
  5. Need Help Setting Up Traits or Abilities?

    So, I have two party characters I'm trying to develop some unique abilities for. I have an idea how the traits and such work but I'm not sure I can make these abilities happen. One character's ability needs to activate when her HP drops below 25% which will increase her defense and magic...
  6. New To This! I Got A Couple of Questions!

    Hi everyone! I just started teaching myself RPG Maker MV and watching many videos on how to use everything. In midst of learning this program and looking into all the features, I do have two questions if anyone help me. First off, let's say I have my friend's RPG game that they made in RPG...

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