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  1. RMMV YanFly EventMiniLabel modification? I bought this plugin recently and it's pretty neat. It shows some text above the event. Would it be possible to modify the script to automatically hide the text/label when you fade out the screen. And to show it again, when you fade in the...
  2. Skip Movide/Video

    Hello do you know any plugins that lets you skip a movie with the click of a button? For example you click esc and the movie is skipped. I tried LTN skip_video which works fine for me, but for some other people its causing errors. I dunno how to solve that, so looking for any alternative.
  3. How to Loop/repeat movie clips seamlessly?

    Hello, I am trying to loop a short clip instead of making a long one, to save file size. I've tested th both e loop function, and also just "play movie" multiple times in a row, but in both cases there's a pause between the clips and it looks kinda glitchy. Is there any way to smoothly repeat...

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1,Randomly generate events with planted spawner events(great flexibility for customization and auto-match player's level)
2,Randomly enter roguelike dungeon
3,Player can exit dungeon or back to town or choose to challenge BOSS at the end of each dungeon
4,Dungeon maps can be randomly generated by a third-party tool
Got locked out of the house yesterday... best friends who had the spare ghosted me. Locksmith had to literally drill thru the lock bc they couldn't pick it. Whole process took 4 hours and far too much money. And they have to come back next week bc they don't have the right cylinder, cause it's an old interlocking lock. I'm livid lol
 I’m probably going to regret this, but I need kobolds for my project and I’ve decided to sprite them myself. This is Attempt #1, front view only.

It's a shame that Selection Control will not be ported to MZ. I found a neat way of using it to enable ways for tanks to protect squishies. lol
Lately I have been taking a break from game and resource making so I won't get burnt out. But I am also interested in the Game Jams this site periodically holds. It'd be great if I knew when the next one, if any, is planned.

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