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  1. Demo for VE-Moving plaatform?

    Could some one send me a demo of Vector's Moving platform Engine? Here is the link : http://www.rpgmakerv...oving-platform/ And send the Demo to me? Some one create a Demo and I will just give him a Credit as for "Support of adding scripts" , Their are just some scripts that I can't...
  2. Diffrent Actor = Diffrent Text

    I want when I use Actor A and talk to a NPC, A Text appears. While when I use Actor B and talk to a NPC, Another Diffrent Text appear. Is this possible using a script?
  3. Character Graphic = Party memmber graphic?

    I want one of the Event Characters to have the same graphic as one of party memmbers. The reason I ask this because I want to have a cut scene that shows a party memmber wearing the same clothes as it. Because I added an option to change clothes of characters, so I want the Event to wear the...
  4. Resolution option in title screen

    Their are 3 Functions in the title screen : New Game, Quit and Continue. I would like that their would be an option for the player to chose his/her Screen resolution to prevent black borders, any help on that? For example, You chose "Change resolution" Option in the title screen then a...
  5. Actor stand still when attack?

    I am using a side view battle script. And I would like to know if its possible to make the character stand still while attacking. The reason I want this, because I am using a gun weapon and I want the gun weapon to shoot while the actor in his/her place or even moves at least 2 steps.
  6. MML2 Rebirth VIDEO FOOTAGE!

    This is a video footage of the game I am making called Mega Man Legends 2 rebirth, its basically a remake for Mega Man Legends 2 : Part 1 : Part 2 ...
  7. HP Recovery?

    Ok here is the deal, the MHP Recovery Item allows me to recover 100% from my MHP. For example, My Max MHP is 120, And I added an item that FULLY Recovers to 120 MHP. When I use it first time, it FULLY Recovers to 120 MHP But after a third or fourth time it only recovers to 50, any one knows why?
  8. Zoom out?

    Is their a script that makes the Map Zoom out so you can see the rest of the map easily and more clearly?
  9. Attack Elements

    Ok I basically want a fire extinguisher, I want that fire extinguisher to be able to cause Heavy damage to fire enemies. I Want the ONLY Weapon that could damage the enemy is the fire extinguisher. How can I do this?
  10. Mega Man Legends 2 Returns!

    Story Synopsis: The world known as Terra, is a planet covered almost entirely by water. Living on small, isolated islands, the people of this world have invented air ships in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to travel from place to place. Civilization endures with the help of a very important...
  11. Mega Man Legends sprites

    Hello I am requesting Mega man legends 1 or 2 (Preferably 2) sprites for my Mega man fan game. I want legends sprites specificly I already have some sprites but those sprites are ugly and not animating very well, sounds more like an ataree game and are too small in face.etc.. I need Some one...

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