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  1. Kyutaru

    The Bipolar Mage

    Class concept, too annoying or the right hint of interesting? Typically when a Red Mage or Sage exists possessing the powers of both White and Black magic, the class is tragically nerfed in effectiveness for the sake of balance.  Never quite the master of magic a purist can become.  But the...
  2. Kyutaru

    Synchronous Battle System Ace!

    I've been splitting my off time between my D&D project and some browser RPGs.  The kind that beg you to open your wallet and give them all your money.  But I did come across an idea that I thought could be implemented into VX Ace rather easily.  It's a different style of RPG combat, more of a...
  3. Kyutaru

    How should I implement my Feat system?

    I'm designing a D&D core rules setup and I'm presently working on implementing Feats.  But there's just so many ways to do it, I'm having trouble deciding what would be the best implementation or method.  If you never played D&D, a Feat is essentially a passive ability that improves your...
  4. Kyutaru

    Dungeons and Dragons Core Rules

    For the past month I've been fervently working on converting the standard Ace battle system into something more recognizable to D&D fans.  Tabletop grid movement is still a long ways away but for now the following has been implemented: - 5th edition d20 system including Advantage and...
  5. Kyutaru

    How can I find an actor's weapon type?

    I am creating from scratch a Dungeons and Dragons core rules engine.  I have experience with Java and C++ but just learned Ruby recently.  I ran into an issue when calculating critical hit multipliers by weapon type.  There doesn''t appear to be a valid method that is capable of returning a...

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Worked on a cutscene skip domino effect using Maker Systems' script as the basis. Basically if I have a batch of cutscenes in a row on different maps, now when you skip one cutscene it will skip the entire set. No more spamming X to skip a scene every new map.

Oh and it will work regardless of where you do it from in the set. Convenient!
seems absolutely WILD to me now all the hundreds of hours of work I used to do in 2k(3) over a decade ago with a resolution of 320x240. that seems so insanely TINY now, seemed so normal at the time!
Playing Aroma Indosiar theme song.
Aroma is an Indonesian TV show about cooking. :)
Working on a characteeer! (Why is it so hard to color hair?) ;-;
Just finished eventing a couple simple puzzles in RMMV, for my very first game "Sample Quest." Just messing around, throwing things together, and calling it a story XD On a non-RM note, got my hair cut today!

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