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  1. Praygon

    Best and worst RPG you ever played?

    Hi Everybody, Simple and sweet what's the best RPG (be it western or of the J variety) and the worst one you've ever played. What made you love/hate those games? Keep civil and Rember someone's opinion is just that their own flawed opinion and not a statement of fact. Alright, preamble out of...
  2. Praygon

    In your opinion what are must have features for a modern RPG

    HI everybody, Rpg's have come a long way since the good ol days of plots you can sum up in 2 sentences, Savepoints, and the infinite grind. I've started taking a project I've been nursing for the past year much more seriously and I've learned from previous failed attempts that as tempting as...
  3. Praygon

    Are there any title Screen Plugins that allow for an animated opening in to the title screen?

    Hello Everyone, So to be more exactly what I'm hoping to do is have a brief animation of a character walking into a black void then pulling the title screen down from off the top of the screen (Imagine it like pulling a projector screen down). I've seen some plugins that allow you to have a...
  4. Praygon

    Best Parallax Plugin? (2020)

    Hello everyone, So basically title, I've worked with RPG maker a lot in the past but I'm fairly new to MV and parallax mapping so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed on what plugin to get since I'm so late to the party. A quick youtube search revealed some very impressive parallax maps made using the...
  5. Praygon

    Resolution Problems with fullscreen across all versions of RPG Maker

    Hey everyone. I have a problem with RPg makers that seems oddly constient between games from almost every version of RPG Maker. When ever I fullscreen a RPG maker game with F4 or Alt + Enter the resolution forces itself into 640 X 480 (My native resolution being 1360 x 768) but rather than...
  6. Praygon

    Generator parts showing up wrong

    Hey everyone. So here's the problem im getting. Iv been adding new parts to the generator. I thought I had the numbering pretty much figured out but after trying to add more accessory's (EJ's Emotion Generator Parts to be exact) they appear out of order and have the wrong graphic icon...
  7. Praygon

    Is it possible to turn Plugins on and off ingame?

    Hello everyone.  Firstly if this is in the wrong forum my apologies, feel free to inform me if i've done goofed and ill move this post to the correct place. Secondly I want to know is it possible to disable and activate Certain plugins via a script or event call in game.  An example of what...
  8. Praygon

    How could I replicate Blade Mode from MSG:Rising?

    Hello everyone.  I'm looking to replicate the blade mode from MSG:rising which if you dont know what that is its a system where the player can aim a sword stroke which will do much more damage if it hits a certain part of an enemies body. Basically its an amiable sword attack. (Ill put a...
  9. Praygon

    Undertale Weapons & Icons

    Hey everyone hope you're having a good day.  Im extremely new to sprite work but I really wanted to make a set of Undertale weapons for a small personal project I am working on. Ill be adding A blue papyrus bone, The human weapons and any others I can think of over the next few days. Id love...
  10. Praygon

    Lowering battle BGM during certain skills?

    Hello everyone. So my question is this, I have a bunch of skills that play a bit of music usualy for comical effect but oviously mixing with the battle music at full blast it all sounds like an awful mess. I want to know is there a script or a simple way via eventing ect that I can lower the...
  11. Praygon

    Problem with CXJ_Class_Extensions

    Hello everyone Firstly if this is in the wrong section then I apologise. Secondly iv come across a rather annoying problem after recently downloading the CXJ_Class_Extensions script (link to its thread down below). I have all the other requried yanfly scripts to make it work and for the most...

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