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  1. josephdevelops

    Random Item Prefixes & Suffixes

    Okay, I got it working when you loot the item from a chest, but It doesn't show the exact name during my victory scene. It shows its name when I check my inventory though. This is the plugin I'm using for my victory UI.
  2. josephdevelops

    Random Item Prefixes & Suffixes

    I figured out what was wrong. Thanks for checking it out. I just had an old version of the plugin in my game. I got the newest and it works great.
  3. josephdevelops

    Random Item Prefixes & Suffixes

    I just spent all day trying to get this to work. I watched Drifty's video and read through the tutorial like 20 times and I have no clue. Can anyone confirm that this thing still works?
  4. josephdevelops


  5. josephdevelops

    Virtual Buttons and DPad

    Can confirm this works. I did the exact same thing.
  6. josephdevelops

    (MMO)RPG Maker MV

    This project is still active... check the discord. Yes it support cloud saves on android. I am not sure if it works with SRD's plugin... you could certainly create an evented character creator instead with this setup. Ask people on the discord shared above. Once...
  7. josephdevelops

    Virtual Buttons and DPad

    This plugin works great and makes all my dreams come true. However, I got a little bit stuck on one specific thing. I have a button that I want to remove when I click formation in my menu. I also want to add a button when I click formation on my menu. There is no formation scene. There isn't...
  8. josephdevelops

    Yanfly Action Sequence Pack 3 not working on Android Port

    I am feeling pretty embarrassed about this but for some reason the option for battle camera was turned off on my phone. The camera works fine. I probably just exported it with the wrong setting once, and it stuck or something. If a mod is reading this, you can probably erase this thread or mark...
  9. josephdevelops

    RMMV MOG_TreasurePopup.js, MOG_TreasureHud.js, and MOG_TrPopUpBattle.js not working on Android Build

    Not using the default sheet... icons are showing on windows and mac. I have 3183 icons on my sheet. Icons are also showing for other stuff.... just not the stuff the stuff that moghunter does.
  10. josephdevelops

    RMMV MOG_TreasurePopup.js, MOG_TreasureHud.js, and MOG_TrPopUpBattle.js not working on Android Build

    I tried messaging MogHunter but not success so far. As you can see, the images do not load on my mobile port. They work great on Windows and Mac. I opened the plugins up and looked at their code. Everything seems to look good. The plugins all have 'if' statements to wait for the icon to load...
  11. josephdevelops

    Yanfly Action Sequence Pack 3 not working on Android Port

    Sorry about the typos.. Yanfly Action Sequence 3 plugin works great on windows, browser, and mac. Just having trouble on android. Without the zooms, many of my action sequences fall quite flat. So the action sequences 1 and 2 work great. But for some reason none of the zooms appear in my action...
  12. josephdevelops

    SOLVED / A Simple question

    Yes, parallax works great. I recommend saving your parallax pngs with index colors so they are small. Just try to keep the files small.
  13. josephdevelops

    Animation Lag on Mobile

    Make sure that none of your animations use hue shifting or tinting...same for enemies. Mobile CPUs don't play well with flashes, hue shifts, and tints of any kind. On my project I've been able to disable hue, tints, and flashing throughout the entire game with one exception. I still haven't...
  14. josephdevelops

    Yanfly Action Sequence Pack 3 not working on Android Port

    has anyone else had this problem? ... would love to get this fixed on my mobile game. Using RPG Maker MV.
  15. josephdevelops

    RMMV Paragon Level System like Diablo 3

    For those of you who are familiar with Diablo 3s paragon level system... I want to set something like this up for my game. I have a few ideas of how to go about it but I want to see if anyone has some feedback. So basically when a character hits lvl 50... I want them to max lvl. At this point...
  16. josephdevelops

    Expansion File for Android Deployment

    I would like help with this as well.
  17. josephdevelops

    Login Screen and Cross-platform Cloud Saves

    BTW I was able to implement this locally... seems to work pretty well.
  18. josephdevelops

    Login Screen and Cross-platform Cloud Saves

    Partially. It's more because I'm starting to venture out into supporting cross platform play. So I want people to play with the same saves on their phone and computers.
  19. josephdevelops

    Login Screen and Cross-platform Cloud Saves

    Soon my game will work on Android, IOS, Windows, Apple and maybe even Linux. I'm interested in account creation and cross platform saves. Has anyone seen this executed with RPG Maker MV/MZ? I basically want: login screen account creation screen cloud saves for logins cross platform cloud saves...
  20. josephdevelops

    Exporting to Android (MV Android Client)

    It sounds like you are using a plugin that uses flashes or tints on critical hit, I think there are a few battle impact plugins out there that do this. Try disabling plugins and seeing if it's an issue, you may have to omit these effects for your mobile version. This sounds like the flashes...

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