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  1. RMMV RMMV 1.6.2 - Enemy Blink Effect while taking Damage

    Hi Guys, is there a chance to ACTIVATE the (default) blink effect while an enemy taking damage without using action sequences by YEP? Also i got the BattleEngineCore by Yanfly and dont find any possibility in there to reactivate it.
  2. LGP - Better Damage Popup

    Hi Sir, could you explain how u done the delay? what you commented out? greetings
  3. FastForward Bug in Battle Scene (?) RMMV 1.6.2

    I thank you again for your time and help. I appreciate it so much. I wish you a blessed Christmas, if you celebrate Christmas :)
  4. FastForward Bug in Battle Scene (?) RMMV 1.6.2

    i guess u dont get what i mean bc my english is bad. i am sorry. i mean: Is there a way to have the Battle Scene fast forward active by default? So that it is active by itself without touching the screen or pressing the OK button?
  5. FastForward Bug in Battle Scene (?) RMMV 1.6.2

    Hey, thanks again for your time. i appreciate this alot! Another question: Afair does fast forward double the update routine per frame - is there any posibillity to make this default in battle scene, also fast forward still working (auto) as fast forward even without inputting OK? i tried a...
  6. FastForward Bug in Battle Scene (?) RMMV 1.6.2

    Dear Sir or Ma'm, your solution number one brings an improvement for the windows deployment/battle test and play test. works like before. android deployment still got the lags when crit/absorb, but its slightly better. also the fast forward when holding the OK button in battle scene still...
  7. FastForward Bug in Battle Scene (?) RMMV 1.6.2

    I forgot to mention following: I tried different plugins for a solution and when i use the YEP Fps Sync plugin there is no fps drops at all but whenever a crit or an absorb appears the game is slowing hardly down. means: the animation is played very smooth but really really slow. also with yep...
  8. FastForward Bug in Battle Scene (?) RMMV 1.6.2

    1. done - no changes 2. done - no changes 3. Does not matter if playtest, battletest or android deployment.
  9. FastForward Bug in Battle Scene (?) RMMV 1.6.2

    Hello there, since like a month ive got on mobile and pc the following bug: whenever a actor hit an enemy critical or whenever an actor/enemy absorbs damage the game lags. the fps drops like to 1 to 10 frames. the fps drop down is more hard when an absorb appears. but if i hold the OKE button...
  10. Showing the Amount of Absorbtion Points in State Icon (Yanfly - RMMV)

    Oh my gosh. That fixed it. Thank you very much. :-)
  11. Showing the Amount of Absorbtion Points in State Icon (Yanfly - RMMV)

    Hello Guys, im trying to get the amount of absorbtion points from the yanfly absorbtion plugin shown in the states icon. this is the lunatic code i use, which wont work at all: <Custom Apply Effect> user._currentBarrierPoints = user.barrierPoints(); user.setStateCounter(StateID...

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