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  1. Can assets made for rpg maker (not using any of rpg makers features) be used outside of RPG maker

    I am wondering if assets made for rpg maker that doesn't use any of the rpg maker features (such as tilesets made by others) can be used in other things such as game maker studio
  2. Rpg maker MV tilesets templates? (32x32)

    the only diffrence between A1-4 and A5 is that A5 doesnt have connected texture propertys (as far as i can see)
  3. Basic Furry Assets

    how to install?
  4. Makeing a "Befriend/Mercy" skill thing

    ok... i wasnt shure where it went
  5. Makeing a "Befriend/Mercy" skill thing

    found a few things with it under Game_Enemy there is index and that matches the description but it dosnt seem to work how i uses it. then the rest all refers to game_troop and that dosnt work either.
  6. Makeing a "Befriend/Mercy" skill thing

    ok ill try that after trying that it works but only if one enemy is inflected with it... if it does bolth it kindof causes some probloms... cause a script i am needing to add to witch i completly looked over when doing that... im needing the 2nd one to be set to beable to add a script to set...
  7. Makeing a "Befriend/Mercy" skill thing

    ohh... the player should see (since this is only a test world) if thay chose the second slime thay should see "hello" then after that "hi" as im testing it but in the finished you sould see a choise box dependednt on what enemy you fight and then your option may alow you to mercy them and...
  8. Makeing a "Befriend/Mercy" skill thing

    ok so what i want to do is test for the troop enemy ID so that enemy can have a sertan script to it... what i am haveing trubbles is seting a variable to that one troop it will be easyer to show you in pictures aswell words  the left oen is troop id 1 the right one is troop id 2 what...
  9. Makeing a "Befriend/Mercy" skill thing

    Im needing some help with a type of thing im working on a "script" useing the skill battle system to beable to locate bolth the enemy ID and the troop enemy ID  ive got the enemy id figrued out but i am needing help with the troop enemy id... what i am needing is to find what place is the...

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