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  1. Issue equipping weapons

    Hey!! Yes, I believe it was your tool! So we actually discovered that there was something wrong with all of the weapons after converting the files, so one of my devs and I spent a bit remaking all the weapons and they've worked perfectly fine ever since! Thank you for the offer on fixing it...
  2. Issue equipping weapons

    As an update: I made a test class and test version of this character, set it up to use the weapon, and put the weapon in his inventory. Still wont work.
  3. Issue equipping weapons

    Yes, just tried that after you commented. It's still happening with everything turned off. One member of my dev team suggested remaking the characters entirely with the thought process that something might have happened to them while transferring from VX Ace to MV but I'd really rather avoid...
  4. Issue equipping weapons

    Okay so here's an issue. I recently transferred my whole game from VX Ace to MV. I'm in the middle of touching up a few things that bugged out as a result, but one huge issue is now my weapons won't equip. I have set the actors and classes to have the correct weapons, I've made the weapons with...

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It's satisfying to master the usage of a hard plugin, then making it do what you want. ( o w o)!!
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gotta love when a plugin you thought had nothing to do with why something else wasn't working winds up being the issue...
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