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  1. Enemy Revive

    I think it's the best solution, except someone uses yangly mad mode through Skill Core
  2. Enemy Revive

    Not Function...
  3. Enemy Revive

    Unfortunately I have already done this test Unfortunately, when an enemy dies, it is no longer considered a target
  4. Enemy Revive

    Hello to everyone Is it possible to resurrect an enemy killed?
  5. Final Fantasy Skills Hi everyone, I wanted to know if they could replicate the effects of these spells on rpg maker mv with yanfly skill core plugin. If possible, could anyone do it if it is not disturbed? Thanks in advance :)
  6. Bobstah's Equipment Socketing & Upgrade System v1.3.1 - Yanfly Integration & More!

    Hello Bob, I noticed that your plugins goes into conflict with the Target Core yanfly, you can do something about it?
  7. Corniflex Pluggins - Yanfly Addons - Latest : Class Tree !

    Hi, with these addons I completely blocks the game immediately after starting the game, even I have to force closure to exit the game
  8. Program Crashed

    Hello, unfortunately I do not know who to ask for help and do not understand why after spending 70 € rpg maker mv, the program when I least expect it stops me and obviously if I did not save lose all the work up to that point! Is there a way to solve this problem?
  9. Bobstah's Equipment Socketing & Upgrade System v1.3.1 - Yanfly Integration & More!

    2 errors :( 1°: TypeError: Cannot read property 'elementId' of undefined     at Game_Actor.calcElementReflectRate (file:///C:/Users/AleXander/Desktop/MOG_Master_MV/js/plugins/YEP_ElementReflect.js:98:32)     at Game_Actor.calcElementReflectRate...
  10. Bobstah's Equipment Socketing & Upgrade System v1.3.1 - Yanfly Integration & More!

    I try!!! It has not solved the problem, it remains as such :(
  11. Bobstah's Enhanced Equipment, Item, Items Command, Skill, and Skill Type Restrictions 1.5.3

    You can put the object visible but obviously not be equipped when there is a restriction instead of making it invisible?
  12. Steal Item Skill

    Would not it be better to steal objects that the enemy already has her? Those that imposed directly from the database of the enemy ...
  13. More Character Frames

    Ryuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu from Breath of Fire :D Question for Shaz, for enemies? I use con AnimatedSVEnemies of Yanfly
  14. New Type for Item

    I show you a screen with all the plugins installed possibly will be helpful
  15. New Type for Item

    It does not work even if I put other slot
  16. New Type for Item

    Yes, i have lastest version, in the your plugin i have parameters default.

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