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  1. xXHughezXx

    Dynamic Bosses Fights!

    Because who doesn't like cool boss fights right??? Anyways, I have 8 NPCs strewn across my map that trigger boss fights when you interreact with them. One day I got creative and decided to add a theme that plays when you talk to the NPC to trigger the boss fight and I even added choices for the...
  2. xXHughezXx

    Front View issue

    Somehow some of my monsters have gone from Side-view to Front-view and its happened with some of my boss images. I'm not sure how this happened but obviously I clicked into my sv folder and copied all the Side-view images in there to fix the issue. But it seems that didn't work and the images...
  3. xXHughezXx

    Monster Images DLC not showing in Folder!

    I just recently bought DLC that contains monster images and moved them into my enemies folder but they aren't appearing. I've noticed this happening with other monster DLC packs that I've bought in the past too. Some of the images are registering but I'm not getting the rest of them. I'm certain...
  4. xXHughezXx

    Inn issues

    I’ve been having issues trying get my NPC to run an event in my Inn. I’m just trying to get the protag to interact with the NPC behind the desk but the event won’t run. When I took the NPC from behind the desk though it worked. But when the NPC is behind the desk it won’t work. This is kinda...
  5. xXHughezXx

    All my tiles are gone...

    Today I was trying to import new tilesets for my project through resource manager. I thought that would be a simple task but I was wrong. I wasn't having any kind of luck getting the new tilesets to appear and to make matters worse all of my tilesets have now disappeared. My maps are gone along...

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