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  1. HeathRiley

    Monster Catching Mechanics

    Hello everyone! A while ago we had a thread going on ways for monsters in games to evolve or power up. Today I wanted to see what people thought with the actual mechanic of catching a monster to add to your team. Acquiring monsters can usually be done a number of ways: trade, gift, catch...
  2. HeathRiley

    RMMV A Dungeon Crawler with Monster Catching

    Hello! As the title states, I'm interested in making a dungeon crawler with monster catching. I will describe it as directed in the forum guideline and post a small proof of concept demo. Game Mechanics: The player will fill out a team of monsters and traverse various dungeons to proceed...
  3. HeathRiley

    Event to detect if battler is certain class [rpgmmv]

    Hello! I'm looking for help in making an event that will detect if a battler (current battle party member) is of a certain class. Looking to do this on the field, not in battle. I'm ok with using script calls but am not sure of the syntax to do it with. I'm sure it would probably have to be done...
  4. HeathRiley

    Birthday Bash - Escape From Ruenia

    Hello! This is the first game I've ever made on rpg maker. It is definitely fun to learn. Escape From Ruenia An excerpt from a larger story, this is the tale of 3 citizens of another nation, and their journey to escape back home to fix much larger issues. They befriend a pretty...

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