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  1. Rukomura

    Terrax Lighting system

    Ah, it does work now! That's very strange, maybe I didn't update MV properly... Thank you for replying and have a nice day!
  2. Rukomura

    Terrax Lighting system

    I updated the plugin since I was using an older version but It's now throwing me an error: TypeError: undefined is not a function /D:/Ruko/Ruko's%20GAMES/DS%20style%20game/js/plugins/TerraxLighting.js:864 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined rpg_managers.js:1722...
  3. Rukomura

    Help With RMMV In-Game Menu

    There's this plugin here by Atreyo Ray Which requires a bit of setting, but It has the option of having multiple sub-"menu"s if you want.
  4. Rukomura

    Walking SFX

    I always use for anything I might need, footsteps included. If you search for keywords such as "grass" or "footstep" you can find whatever you need. Maybe you might need to crop the sounds with an editing program (e.g Audacity) most of the time. You must sign up in order to...
  5. Rukomura

    Need help for bust images.

    Can't deny it, I really like your coloring o)-< But anyway, I'm also available if you want. An example is my avatar on the left made by me, but I can provide a link to my art in general if you shoot me a PM.
  6. Rukomura

    Orange Overlay

    Thank you so much for this plugin! Will there be a feature where one can use multiple fogs with the same filename? Derp I feel stupid.
  7. Rukomura

    Graphics tablet or Mouse?

    I used to use a Mouse for my drawings until they gave me my first tablet. I now use a Wacom tablet and I'm since used to draw with it (to the point I can't draw properly on a mouse anymore!). What I can say is: if you want to have more control on what you're doing, then use a tablet...
  8. Rukomura

    IMPORTANT! People that have been using Kaus's "Asteria Tileset" DO NOT USE IT!!

    That's really devastating. I'm glad I didn't intend to use them at all since my game is entirely using RTP tiles. It's truly a shame though. I feel so sorry for all those devs who used and even PAID for the tilesets and now all their work is worth noting. I'm actually wondering if his...
  9. Rukomura

    Yanfly's Battle Select Cursor Plugin

    It's really weird. Have you tried reproducing the issue on a brand new project with only the two plugins and their default settings? And are you using any particular enemy image? It really seems it can't read the enemy's image width. Does it happen with every battle?
  10. Rukomura

    Yanfly's Battle Select Cursor Plugin

    You should post the error log from the console (press F8) so one can look more specifically at the error. From what I can deduce, but I don't assure anything, is that you either haven't specified the right specs of the file image or don't have one at all.
  11. Rukomura

    Newbie RPG maker with good idea but no skill

    Reading the manual and experimenting with the program itself is a good way to go. If you can find some open-source MV Games you can open them in the editor and see how people have done stuff. Tutorials are also good, but you should first start SIMPLE and make a very simple silly game to practice...
  12. Rukomura

    Continous Poison state

  13. Rukomura

    Poll: Romance in Games, what's your take?

    I don't really mind romance if It's well done and the characters and their relationship is very likeable. I also am a lover of the best friends-turning-lovers trope, although other ways of presenting love is appreciated as well. Maybe I don't really like the "Hollywood" one as it looks very...
  14. Rukomura

    Continous Poison state

    I was trying to recreate a particular poison state inspired by Final Fantasy IV DS/The After Years: What it does is to inflict your normal Poison state, but instead of decreasing an actor's HP each turn, it decreases it continously by some digits (in my case, 1 every 10 frames)...
  15. Rukomura

    A minor question

    Derp! The more you know! :D
  16. Rukomura

    A minor question

    If by "Display Name" you mean your nickname ("GWRando"), then I guess only admins can do that as fas as I know.
  17. Rukomura

    Ikku - Chapter 1

    Whoa mi sorprendo sempre di trovare italiani qui ogni volta :D (I'm always surprised to find any italian user each time I come here!) Il gioco mi sembra davvero carino e spero ci sarà una demo! (The game really looks cute, I hope there'll be a demo soon!) Se posso suggerire qualcosa...
  18. Rukomura

    Resource Pack Interest Poll

    I completely understand that! As an artist myself it is time consuming making animations (and understanding how to do them properly) so It's totally fine! For the Record Keeper effect (that I rather like even the game itself :'D) one can use Yanfly's sideview animated enemies that lets the...
  19. Rukomura

    Resource Pack Interest Poll

    I'd totally like to have some of those Sideview Monsters! They're beautiful! *^* Will they be static? (Well, certainly animating them is so much work, but I'm curious)
  20. Rukomura

    [Tool] YEP_ActSeq Assistant

    Even if llketea anticipated me, just for future reference: in Yanfly's plugins section, if you scroll down you'll find the three Action Sequence Packs, right? Right under the third one, there's a section called "Action Sequence Documentation and that links to two pdfs.

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