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  1. IamWhatonearth

    Why won't my C tile objects show up in my game? [Solved]

    Edit: Nevermind! I figured it out, I just had to resize my image. Its really lame it doesn't tell you that the image size has to be perfect to show up in the game but still shows the image in the maker though... I'm making a game where there is a tree in a desert. I can see it is placed in my...
  2. IamWhatonearth

    Battle Hud Question!

    Is there a plugin that shows faces for battlers but will adjust the width depending on the number of people in your party? I'd like to have faces showing during vs just the bars but for most of the game my project will only have 2 people on the party with 2 parts there are 3 so that would mean...

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