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  1. Absorb percentage of enemies stats

    I am searching for a script that is similar to the Cannibalism script but not exactly. I want a script that would go onto a move, and this move would allow you to absorb X% of the enemies stats into your owns, permanently, exactly like the "Grow" mechanic. I would like a version that takes a...
  2. Grow by a multiplier/percentage for every turn a state is active

    Okay so, I was unable to find anything about this, but what I'm trying to do is make a state grow/permanently increase an actor's stats by a percentage, instead of just a flat number. The grow mechanic only increases by a flat +1000 max and I want it to increase by a percentage instead, for...
  3. Change color of MP Bar mid-battle based on State

    Okay so, since this is a complicated and weird question that I was unable to find ANYWHERE I'm going to explain it as simply as possible with pictures. So, you know the MP bar, mid battle? The blue bar on the right of the HP. I want to know if it is possible to change this bar mid-battle to a...
  4. Skip a movie/skip cutscene help

    I have an issue with VX Ace. I'm looking for a way to be able to skip a cutscene/movie. The only thing I could find about this sort of thing is a script called "Cutscene Skip" from 2015. It was made by someone named "SOURCE" but it looks like it is outdated, because it doesn't seem to work with...
  5. Help needed - Change actor name after state wears off after a battle

    I've been having a problem where I'm unable to change an actor's name only when a state wears off after a battle. The state removes itself at the end of a battle, and I want to change the actors name using a common event or some other way after. I have a skill that changes the actors name when...

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