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  1. Argami

    Play Animation on Turn's End with Hime's State Animations Script

    Hello! I'm currently using Hime's State Animations Script that shows an animation when the state is added. The problem is that the script first displays the animation, then shows the "Message when an actor/enemy fell in the state". For example when you add the state through a skill Effect...
  2. Argami

    [SOLVED] Store Party Leader's Current State ID

    Hello! I'm wondering if the system stores the party leader's current state ID somewhere. I want to show the animation of the current state. I was trying something like: $game_party.leader.animation_id = X Where X would be the ID of the current state. Is this possible? Thanks in advance :)
  3. Argami

    Not freeze screen while usig MOG’s Chain Commands Script

    Hi! I’m using MOGHunters’s Chain Commands Script and I have a question. It seems that the script freezes the screen when you’re doing the Chain Commands “minigame”, like it takes a snapshot of the background. My question is if it’s possible to not freeze the graphics while you’re using the...
  4. Argami

    Add MP damage effect (SOLVED)

    Hello! I want to know if its possible to add an effect in battle when you receive MP damage. For example I found that line in Game_Actor wich I think it's the effects that occurs when you receive HP damage: def perform_damage_effect $game_troop.screen.start_shake(5, 5, 10)...
  5. Argami

    Battle Log waits for Button Input

    Hello! I'm wondering if it's possible to create a script that makes Battle Log to wait until a Button ins pressed (The Enter button, for example). Sometimes the battle log runs too fast. I know it's possible to decrease it's speed but what I'm really looking for is the button input condition to...
  6. Argami

    [SOLVED] Change Window size without changin Game size

    Hello! I'm looking for a script to change the Window size without changing the Game size. I tink it will be more easy to understand with images. Now my game looks like this: And I want it to look like this: Thanks in advance! :)
  7. Argami

    Remember the last Command selected on Ksi's Simple Menu Script

    Hello! :) I'm usig the Simple Menu Script by Ksi (And modified by Zalerinian) and I'm wondering if its possible edit the script so it remembers the last command selected after you open one of the options and then you return to the command window again. I explain myself: Pressing "Esc" you open...
  8. Argami

    Reduce Spacing Between Words

    Hello! Like the title says, I want to know if it's possible to reduce the space between words. I mean, to turn this: Into this: This example is from the Item List Menu, in other places like the Item's description the spacing between words it's smaller by default. Thanks in advance!
  9. Argami

    Change Battlers Opacity depending on State

    The title says it all, I'm looking for a script that changes the sprite opacity of the Battler who is under certain State. Can anyone help me with that? Thanks in advance! :)
  10. Argami

    Pokemon Style Confusion State

    Hello! I wanted to know if it's possible to make a Confusion State that when affecting the hero, allows you to select a skill anyway, and then shows the message "The Hero is confused and self attacks" or something like this, then, obviusly, the hero makes a self attak. Is there any way possible...
  11. Argami

    Hide State's PopUp Addon for MOG - DAMAGE POPUP (v4.5)

    Hide State's Pop Up Addon for MOG - DAMAGE POPUP by Argami Description Disables the Popup effect of the States you want. Addon Requeriments Requires MOG - DAMAGE POPUP (v4.5) Script by Moghunter: Installation Place this script below MOG...
  12. Argami

    [ACE] Check the targeted enemy note box? (SOLVED)

    Hello! I'm trying to understand ruby but it's to hard to deal... Can anyone tell me how to ckeck the targeted enemy note box. It should be something like: $game_troop.members[0].note But instead of 0 the ID of the selected enemy Thanks in advance! :)
  13. Argami

    [ACE] Skip Selection Window in Battle

    Hello! A simple question (I supose): I like to know how to skip the selection window in battle when there is only one available enemy or one available batteler. Thanks in advance! :)
  14. Argami

    [ACE] Hide MOG's Damage Popup in specific states (SOLVED)

    Hello! I'm using MOG's Damage Pop Up Script: I like to know is if it's possible to hide the pop ups, only of specific states. Like insert a code in the state's comment box of the database like <no popup> or so. Thanks in advance! *EDITED...
  15. Argami

    [ACE] Remove Changing Color Effect from the Battles (SOLVED)

    Hello! I'm looking for a script that removes the changing color effects from the battles. I mean the "light flashes" that appears over the enemies when you hit them. Thanks in advance! :)
  16. Argami

    [ACE] Hiding MOG's Battle Hud EX when opening another window

    Hello! I'm using MOG's Battle Hud EX Script: My question is if it's possible to hide the hud when another window is opened (like skill select window or object select window). The problem is that the new windows above overlap the hud the...
  17. Argami

    [ACE] Timed Button Attacks

    Hello! Well, first of all I'm sorry, because the script I'm just gonna ask for is maybe a difficult one (I do not know scripting but I can get the idea). What I'm looking for is a battle script that forces the player to press certain buttons at certain times in order to attack. If the player...
  18. Argami

    [ACE] Pre Battle Common Event (SOLVED)

    Hello! I'm looking for a script that calls a common event just befor every battle starts (Not only random encounters). I'm gonna explain it better, the chain of events that I would like is that one: 1. The common event starts 2. The common event finishes 3. Battle transition and... 4. Battle...
  19. Argami

    Open the Menu withouth Fade In

    Hello Community! I was wondering if it's possible to disable the fade in effect of the in-game Menu? In other words, a way to open the Menu abruptly. Thanks in advance! :)
  20. Argami

    Window with gradient effect

    Hello! I was wondering if it's possible to create a script that calls a window with a gradient effect (like the default Map Name Window) with text inside, obviusly. I don't know if it's easy or not but I'm really bad at scripting and I can't do it by myself. Someone can help me? Thank you very...

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