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  1. Trihan

    Suggestion Allow element absorption by default via entering negative numbers for Element Rate.

    Description of the Feature: The ability to enter a negative number in the input box for the Element Rate trait, allowing native absorption effects. Mockups: Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the following: Element absorption without relying on plugins, a feature...
  2. Trihan

    RMMZ Is there a plugin for variable map movement speed on parallax layers?

    I'm trying to do a city street map that has several parallax layers (background, distance, mid distance, foreground etc.) and obviously in order to properly convey depth the layers further back need to scroll with the map slower than the closer ones do. Does anyone know if there's an existing...
  3. Trihan

    RMMZ A primer on data class mapping.

    Ahead of the new Jump into Javascript, I've noticed a fair number of times before that many people seem to struggle with the connection between the global $dataxxxx objects and the editor's database, so I thought I would provide a comprehensive list of those classes and the properties they map...
  4. Trihan

    RMMZ var, let, const and our Lord and Saviour the console.

    Since I've come across a significant number of people lately who aren't aware of some of these things, I thought I'd write a post covering just how useful the console can be to us in game development. And I know there's probably some confusion around the change from "var" in MV to "let" and...
  5. Trihan

    [Suggestion] "Script" option for event page conditions

    Description of the Feature: In addition to the current event page condition checkboxes, add one for "script" This would have a similar input box to the ones that are currently available to Control Variables and Conditional Branch Mockups: Why is this feature good? This feature is great...
  6. Trihan

    [Suggestion] Conditional plugin parameters

    Description of the Feature: Plugin parameters with visibility depending on the value of another parameter e.g. a select type that only appears if a boolean parameter is "true". Mockups: Condition not met: Condition met: Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the...
  7. Trihan

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    It's come to my attention that a fair number of people are having issues getting their heads around the new JS injection parameters and notetags present in VisuStella's core plugins, and therefore they're struggling to achieve the effects they want. This will be especially true of people who...
  8. Trihan

    Effekseer, RPG Maker MZ and you: how to make the animations work

    Hi all! I've seen a few people asking questions about this, and I ended up noticing a few things myself that'll probably trip people up, so I decided to make this quick tutorial topic to explain exactly how to make your Effekseer animations work in MZ. The tutorial in Effekseer itself has a...
  9. Trihan

    Debugging using the console

    Hi everyone! Answering a recent post has reminded me that a lot of users don't understand how powerful the console is and how you can use it to better understand what makes your game tick, so I decided to extract that part of the answer into its own post. For anyone who doesn't know, when...
  10. Trihan

    The beauty of and Array.prototype.reduce(), and how to use them together

    Hello, sports fans! Ahead of the next issues of Slip into Ruby and Jump into JavaScript, I'd like to cover a couple of functions that I consider an absolute godsend to the language (which are also available in Ruby for the VX Ace users) which make some seemingly-complex operations an absolute...
  11. Trihan

    Trihan's lunatic notetag workshop (VX Ace)

    Similarly to my thread in the MV forum, I'm making this thread to help people achieve specific effects for their skills/items/whatever when using Yanfly's scripts. It doesn't necessarily have to be limited to that; if you're struggling to find just the right line of Ruby to make your Steal skill...
  12. Trihan

    Trihan's lunatic notetag workshop (MV)

    Hi all! I've noticed quite a few topics lately from people asking about how to achieve certain effects with Yanfly's plugins, usually involving custom effects and notetags, so I figured I would offer my services in a more centralised thread where anyone can drop in something they're trying to...
  13. Trihan

    Jump into Javascript Reloaded (because I love cheesy titles)

    I've been thinking lately about the delivery vector for Jump into Javascript and Slip into Ruby, and how fundamentally limited it is in that it's essentially just a linear sequence of text explaining how stuff works. I'm constantly having to say "we looked at this earlier" or "I can't remember...
  14. Trihan

    Trilobytes MV #1: Dude, Where's My Autorun?

    Dude, Where's My Autorun? Version 1.0 Created by Trihan Introduction Have you ever been test playing your game when all of a sudden the player couldn't move any more? Ah, crap, looks like you probably have an errant autorun event that's screwing things up. But this is a 500x500 map with 150...
  15. Trihan

    Trilobytes VX Ace #2: Bonus Stat Allocation (v1.11 now available!)

    Bonus Stat Allocation version 1.11 Created by Trihan Introduction This script allows you to open a scene to assign a specified number of bonus points to an actor's stats. It is highly configurable and can be used for a variety of things. It was originally commissioned by Clyve for a mercenary...
  16. Trihan

    Trilobytes VX Ace #1: Shop unlocks

    Shop Unlocks version 1.03 Created by Trihan Introduction This is a script which allows you to use notetags in items, weapons and armours that will require you to sell a number of other items to a shop in order to unlock that item for purchase. It was originally written as a commission for...
  17. Trihan

    The anatomy of a plugin

    Hello, sports fans! Today Trilobytes is bringing you a SPECIAL BONUS TUTORIAL that covers a topic I don't think anyone has really covered much yet: how to actually make your own plugins. @GoodSelf, this one's for you. ;) Your First Plugin There isn't really much to the "skeleton" of a plugin...
  18. Trihan

    Advanced Lights Out Puzzle

    Inspired by GoodSelf's evented Lights Out puzzle tutorial, I'm going to take you through how to achieve the same effect with Javascript and a single common event. That's right, you will not be putting a single event command into the switches except "Common Event". Behold the power of code! User...
  19. Trihan

    Getting parameters by filename instead of hardcoding.

    So it's come to my attention recently that a fair number of plugin support questions/"bugs" have been caused by the users not realising that they need to name the file exactly as per the string referenced in the call to Plugin.parameters...but what if that weren't the case? Having looked into...
  20. Trihan

    Considering making an FFX-style monster arena script. Any interest?

    As the title says, I was considering scripting a monster arena a-la FFX but it wouldn't really be for anything I'm doing at present, so whether it's worth it or not depends entirely on how many people are looking for something like this. Would any of you consider it a useful feature to have in...

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