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  1. BeanCanDev

    I haven't seen any example of this behavior, but you sure as heck won't be seeing it from me...

    I haven't seen any example of this behavior, but you sure as heck won't be seeing it from me. I'm just a can of beans trying to make a game, I don't want to cause trouble.
  2. BeanCanDev

    RMMZ What the hech is this?

    Here's the link to the website What I meant when I said I don't think that supposed to be there is that there's no other plugin that these people made with this kind of style Here's an example from another plugin of theirs.
  3. BeanCanDev

    RMMZ What the hech is this?

    That's never been there before, I'm also having issues with the plugin, so I don't think that's supposed to be there
  4. BeanCanDev

    RMMZ What the hech is this?

    Uhh, I saw this when using my BViz battlecore plugin at the very top, what is this?
  5. BeanCanDev

    How would I check what motion is used using a scriptcall?

    So to be more descriptive, I want to make a attack action sequence that changes depending on if a missile weapon is used. How would I be able to do that?
  6. BeanCanDev

    Boss Battle Build Bout! Sep 13th-Oct 4th!

    Can text be used if I make a special timer that tracks how long you took to beat the boss?
  7. BeanCanDev

    RMMZ Avoid players cheating by going into files and changing a file.

    Maybe this program might help? I'm not sure but it sounds like it would help.
  8. BeanCanDev

    Starbird's MZ Tiles + More

    Nice, this would fit in with the tavern tiles you have already.
  9. BeanCanDev

    Theo - Actor and Enemy Metadata

    Ok good, I don't know how to call it as it's not described in the plugin details. (If it is I don't see it) How would I call it exactly?
  10. BeanCanDev

    Theo - Actor and Enemy Metadata

    Can the metadata be called with a script or something? I'm trying to make an attack action sequence that is able to detect if your using a ranged weapon.
  11. BeanCanDev

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    Remember that I said I didn't own MV? That is no longer the case.
  12. BeanCanDev

    Economic Trinity

    For what I’ve seen, yes it can. It might not be as straightforward as you describe, but I think it could work with the relationship system in the faction plug-in.
  13. BeanCanDev

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    This is great stuff! This thread is going to be my go to place for resources! However, I was looking at your “What makes RTP games look bad and alternatives” and saw the thing about the horses. I would use your MV ones, but I don’t own MV. Sideways chests would also be handy.
  14. BeanCanDev

    I need Ideas for Characters

    So for my game, I’m not sure how many characters I’ll have, maybe between 10-12 at most as the end goal. I’m currently going for 5-6 to start with at this stage. I just need some ideas to get my brain started. Here are the classes I need character ideas for: Black Mage White Mage Thief Martial...
  15. BeanCanDev

    Economic Trinity

    Thank you!
  16. BeanCanDev

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    I can't seem to find the SF wall tiles. Does anyone know where they are?
  17. BeanCanDev

    Wecoc's MZ Resources

    Thanks! This stuff is great! The only thing is I'm bad at tileset management so maybe some stuff I can just use as is?
  18. BeanCanDev

    Economic Trinity

    So I got this error when unequipping, an item. The only other plugins I'm using are Viz Core and Items and Equips. TypeError: Cannot read property 'stolen' of null at Game_Party.numItems (LvMZ_Economy.js:917) at Game_Party.<computed> (VisuMZ_1_ItemsEquipsCore.js:2912) at...
  19. BeanCanDev

    OcRam MZ -plugins

    Maybe this response is unoriginal, but I’ll TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK!

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