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  1. Create a rpg on web which intereact with the site web

    Hello everyone ! I'm looking to buy RPG maker and start to build a game but before to launch myself 100% on my project, i wanted to know some things : - I saw that i can make playable my futur RPG on a page web for people, and with some modification, i would be able to create a page web that...

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Steam page is now live!
just discovered thig game called Willowbrooke Post... beautiful artstyle if I do say so myself... does anyone know what this kind of style is called??
In one of my game projects, I am working on an arena where you can fight combatants or bet on monsters, and, man, it is taking so long, lmao. I do not think that it helps that I am using an evented combat system with a lot of things that I have to edit.
Time to take a little break from the project to work on another for Skyrim. Shouldn't take too long, as it's just fulfilling an easy to do request(more than likely I'll get beaten to the punch but...) this also gives me an excuse to play Skyrim again LOL.
I made two new friends today. I'm not sure which style I like the best..?

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