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  1. DarkHyudrA

    Can't do it in one run?

    In Kingdoms of Amalur which have a few guilds to join, you never truly become the leader if not by a few exception where most people get killed but rather you become their champion, the highest honorable rank or something like that.
  2. DarkHyudrA

    RMMV States disappear after subsequent attack(s)

    That would be the "removal by restriction" the behaviour you are seeking IIRC.
  3. DarkHyudrA

    RPG Maker YouTubers

    For a bunch of tutorials you may check SRDude's videos. They cover from the most basic stuff to rather advanced and have tutorials of his own plugins, they are all deep in details and have some jokes which reduces the boredom of watching it.
  4. DarkHyudrA

    Yunan's Pixel and Art Thread

    Yup, they are broken on my phone too, the characters links.
  5. DarkHyudrA

    Wanting Nicke's menu script to have busts.

    This is mainly caused because of the size of what you have. There is no black magic that can solve that, unless you are willing to sacrifice something else. Busts are completely fine to me, its the text (name amd stuff) that is left aligned. What texts are cropped? Like "equipment" missing its...
  6. DarkHyudrA

    How to achieve true exp table and exp gain?

    I think could use SRD SuperTools to edit what is shown, no need to change how the exp/level table works. Instead of showing the full exp, do it the full exp - last level requirement.
  7. DarkHyudrA

    weapon design: the sharpest sword?

    This comes from a problem caused by most fantasy RPGs. So, if I slash a strong enemy with this really well forged, sharp sword, I need to strike this lvl3 bandit only once, but the the lvl30 bandit takes 5 strikes to defeat. This gets even dumber when it comes to fighting mystical creatures like...
  8. DarkHyudrA

    Hello, devs and enthusiasts!

    Welcome! Brazilian here too, and found out about RPG Maker trough the discs that had a copy in magazines as well :P Im totally the opposite: I suck hard at art and I can only code lol Hope you find everything you need here.
  9. DarkHyudrA

    What is the easiest way to use Conditional branches with Select Item and Random Conversations

    Just a name, a label is what it is: a label. You name a specific point of the event, so you can jump there from anywhere(while still on the same page of an event ofc).
  10. DarkHyudrA

    Action Game Maker

    @MikePjr maybe because it just has been announced? Its in early development they wouldnt have much more info than us lol
  11. DarkHyudrA

    NPC disapears when I play the game.

    Are you loading a save game? Because it wont refresh the map by doing so. Also check the other event pages.
  12. DarkHyudrA

    Action Game Maker

    @TWings this one might actually be worth of your time trying the engine. IGM was terrible. Not to mention that my the MV tag it will probably use Javascript so thats cool, being able to have plugins in updated languages.
  13. DarkHyudrA

    Variable Troubles

    And how you did the troop eventing to change the variable?
  14. DarkHyudrA

    E3 2018 - Predictions

    Microsoft will probably talk about a new IP/sequel to a game and State of Decay 2 as it will start a beta. Pls bill, gimme reasons to get out of xbox 360 and move on to xbox one.
  15. DarkHyudrA

    The Most Important Question: Vanilla Coke (The official be a little bit silly thread)

    You dont belong in this world. Begone demon.
  16. DarkHyudrA

    [ACE] Victor Engine--Pixel Movement question

    If you problem are the collisions, and only that, you could try the config VE_PLAYER_BIG_COLLISION and set it to false. It comes true by default. It reduces all hitboxes by 8 so collision is easier to handle and more smooth when walking in single tile hallways. Didnt test it, just read the...
  17. DarkHyudrA

    [ACE] Victor Engine--Pixel Movement question

    This is not a simple task of the like "change this number in line 666". There are a few places that need changing + tests, so you need someone with quite some free time to make it work that way.
  18. DarkHyudrA

    Avoid ‘boring-ness’ while RPG making

    Remember to never push yourself trough it. Don't have unnecessary stress with your project. Take breaks, plan what you want instead of just doing them and when you good to go, get back to work.
  19. DarkHyudrA

    Change Skill Animation Based On Switch

    You can use action sequences and ifs to decide which animation to play, and let the animation on the skill definition blank.
  20. DarkHyudrA

    The Most Important Question: Vanilla Coke (The official be a little bit silly thread)

    Coke zero tastes horrible, either go hard or go home. Same applies to the coke stevia.

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