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  1. Zechnophobe

    Events stop moving after being talked to

    Okay, the back story here is that I'm creating events with scripts (Basically just doing a deep clone of existing events, and then modifying there page content). This is working fine, except that they stop doing their movement route (random) as soon as they are 'talked' to (used the action key...
  2. Zechnophobe

    Having a Party Level

    Hola, so one of the mechanics in my Magocracy project, is that of 'prestige level'. The prestige level of the guild is how popular and powerful your guild is, and is sort of a level system outside of any particular character. all actions taken by your guild can give you prestige points  (Or lose...
  3. Zechnophobe

    Character performs multiple actions on their turn

    Not sure if this is doable via events, but here's the problem set: I have a character. I want him to be able to use an ability. That ability is used, and then possibly used a second or third time (depending on other factors. For the case let's just assume it repeats a number of times equal to...
  4. Zechnophobe

    Feedback Request: Assigning your party members on missions

    Hello, so in my game you will get a large number of 'party' members, though most of them will be randomly generated. You, as the non participating leader, send your mages on missions. You sometimes control them on these missions. Either way, they are 'gone' from your party for a 'while' (based...
  5. Zechnophobe

    Looks like a bug, skill can't call two different common events

    I've been making a library of common events that act as special types of spell effects. It appears that if I have more than one 'call common event' feature to a skill, it will only call the last event in the chain. I can obviously work around this by just creating a single unifying common event...
  6. Zechnophobe

    Some fun Mechanics I worked on last night

    1) Skills with an effect when they lethally kill the target. This requires you grabbing the last used skill data on skill use, and then make a hook in the 'enemy knockout' function. For example, I have a skill called "Midas Touch" that generates gold (Based on the MAT and LUC of the caster) if...
  7. Zechnophobe

    Thoughts on how to scale a game?

    Put only a little thought into this so far, but if you deviate from the built in leveling system of the RPG maker, you also have to really think about how to tune the strengths of enemies. My current project is going to do this (for various reasons) so I'm trying to think of a good approach such...
  8. Zechnophobe

    [Ace] Scripts running on level up, on battle end, and a few similar questions

    Is there a simple alias I can make to a function, such that I can get some script called when an Actor levels up, and/or when a battle ends? I'm currently using skills with script effects so I can have a wider variety of game effects. For example, a Midas Touch ability that generates gold for...
  9. Zechnophobe

    Creating skills at run time

    Hello, I've been trolling the forum and script code for a while, and seem to be coming up short. I notice that the creation of actors can be done via game_actor. However, I don't see an equivalent model for skills that would allow me to create a skill. It seems like it would be an odd thing to...

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