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  1. hosercanadian

    RMMV Yanfly Action Sequence Pack SumRndmDde Walk Character Battlers Conflict

    Another option I use is replace the ITEM sideview sprite with a walking sprite and just use the action sequence to “walk” to the target. Fewer plug-ins means less memory use.
  2. hosercanadian

    question regarding how to add settings specifically for turning voice lines on and off.

    Easiest approach would be to use a switch indicating no voice. Add it as an option in the Options Menu (many plugins for that) and add conditional branches around all your voice lines.
  3. hosercanadian

    How do you make an interesting fantasy race?

    Another option not discussed is to fully embrace the racism. In the game I am working on right now the dwarves have a solid parallel to both the Jewish and Roma people in Europe in the early Renaissance. They are treated as outsiders, blamed for numerous problems and racism is blatant and...
  4. hosercanadian

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    That map is very good. It made me sit up and WANT to look at it. You do need some light and movement to really sell it. A day/night cycle or even a cloud (shadows) layer would really add to the light. The movement would be captured with the NPCs but some particle movement for dust, leaves...
  5. hosercanadian

    RMMV Music Transition Question

    Not the best solution, but you could fade the music in and out. Do a fade of 120 frames (in and out) and it should better with a less jarring transition. Experiment with fade duration and maybe insert a wait between them.
  6. hosercanadian

    Best Engine for Making Isometric RPGs?

    MV works with PV games assets to do isometric. I am working on a game right now that uses this perspective. There is a sub-forum that outlines the “essential” plug-ins to make it work. The only part left is a good grasp of eventing and the plug-ins to make the game.
  7. hosercanadian

    [Stupid question, Skills Database] Why put occasion in "Never"?

    I use this in my current game for some skills which apply passive states, increasing counter chance or attributes for example. I am using multiple plugins including a skill learn system and equipping skills. So while the skill cannot be used, I want the player to be able to view it and see...
  8. hosercanadian

    RMMV Picture Common Events do not persist

    Changing the order seems to make it less frequent but is still occurs. It now only seems to trigger after a fight. I do have the pictures in the cache already and they have no issue with the first loading...just in reloading after the scene changes (now only after a fight).
  9. hosercanadian

    RMMV Picture Common Events do not persist

    I have an odd situation with Galv Screen Buttons. I use a GUI to have movement but at random intervals, the buttons do not load. This occurs sometimes leaving the menu screen, after fights, or after map transfer. The GUI does reappear if I open and close the menu. Any ideas what might be...
  10. hosercanadian

    RMMV bust opposite site

    I built a test project that did this without using plug-ins. The first step is to flip horizontal any busts you want on the right side (save separate images if you want both sides). Then call pictures in events before the message is displayed. An added feature is to do greyed out busts if you...
  11. hosercanadian

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Just a couple of shots of the parallax mapping I did for my game. The buildings in town are all a series of map layers that become transparent when you move behind them or removed when you go into the building. Yes, the maps do look empty as I have not added the events or characters yet. Once...
  12. hosercanadian

    Knight Editor: Visual Doodad Editing

    OK, it is a great feature but I understand if you want to keep it for yourself. Thanks for sharing the Doodad addition. I look forward to seeing your game progression.
  13. hosercanadian

    Knight Editor: Visual Doodad Editing

    I am just trying to find a better way to parallax map and watching your video on this post ( it looks like you have a collision option in the editor but when I load your sample project, no dice...
  14. hosercanadian

    Menus Cancel Command + Single-Click

    @BallgameStudios I see the specific plug-in is now no longer a free version. I have been busy with work so I was unable to reply. From the errors I received I think the new scene control section I added in your plug-in seems to share a variable (or over-write a variable) from the Yanfly...
  15. hosercanadian

    Menus Cancel Command + Single-Click

    I really enjoy your plug-in, it has made development of mobile deployment so much easier. I do have one issue in Yanfly compatibility with Skill Learn System. It doesn't seem to add to that menu and when I wrote my own code to try using it, I seem to have over-written the menus used to track...
  16. hosercanadian

    Elemental Damage Removing Status Effects?

    Yanfly’s latest plugins are MV but I know he started the entire action sequence in VX. Try here:
  17. hosercanadian

    Elemental Damage Removing Status Effects?

    I added the conditions right in the skill. In one of my projects I have a state where they are covered in oil and take more fire damage, but it is subsequently removed. For each fire attack, I check for the condition and remove it. I use Yanfly’s action sequence so my note section is used...
  18. hosercanadian

    How to make desert maps more interesting?

    Another option is to use a parallax and make it almost side scroller for the desert. The background shows dunes and/or sky and the base is only 3-4 squares wide that can be walked on (with the rest filling to the bottom but not able to walk on it). It will give the effect of the never-ending...
  19. hosercanadian

    RPG Maker MV - Change Character sprite on Map when equipping a specific weapon

    Guruman has a script that does this: The thing to watch out for is either to add a lot of conditional branches or limit the equipment to the main character only that makes the changes.

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