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  1. EBroxas72

    How do I make the Victor engine Materia System and the Yanfly ace-menu-engine work together?

    How do I make the Victor engine Materia System and the Yanfly ace-menu-engine work together? When I put the 2 together the Materia menu slot dose not show up, I tried adding ":materia" to the list of selectable slots in the menu scrip at line 111 and putting what was at 111 to 112. It did not...
  2. EBroxas72

    Is there a way to have the actor sprite switch when a battle starts and ends?

    So I using the Visual Battlers scrip by yanfly for my game in Ace because its ok to use in a commercial game. The scrip makes it so when you are in battle the over world actor sprites on the filed. How ever I want to use custom battle sprites for the party in battle. How do I make it so every...
  3. EBroxas72

    How to change face sprites while still in the same text box i e Make the face sprites look like ther

    Ok, I've gone back to work on a project on Rpg maker vx to add some finishing touches, And one of the things I want to add is makeing the face sprites look like there talking when the character is saying some thing in the text box, Like have the face sprite switch back and forth from two sprites...
  4. EBroxas72

    How do I get a event or over world monster to react to how close or far away the player is?

    *First off I am new to the forum, So If I'm asking in the wrong Place about How do I ____ I'm sorry in Advance.* I'm doing a 30 day trial Challenge where I see how much of a game I can make in the said days. i'm almost done with it, it's just I have hit one last road block. One of the things I...

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