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  1. Ancientspark74

    the www folder inside the Windows deployed game folder? does it work as browser?

    I certainly appreciate that info! Now I don't have to always do both, I can just deploy for windows and pull the www folder out and place it in my server! THank YOU!
  2. Ancientspark74

    the www folder inside the Windows deployed game folder? does it work as browser?

    There is a www folder already in the windows deployed folder system when you choose windows.. does that www folder ALSO work for an online browser version or is that there for some other reason? if the www folder DOES work fine as a live browser version, WHY is there an online deployment...
  3. Ancientspark74

    players too high in battler?

    it was the yanfly battlecore doing it when I turned it off the default battle scene was working just fine with actors on right and enemies on left.. the x and y coordinates i found in the yanfly battlecore settings however it was formulaic and I'm not sure how to get the actors back down from on...
  4. Ancientspark74

    players too high in battler?

    What would cause the actors to appear very high in the battleback during battle? How do I get them back level with the enemy formation?
  5. Ancientspark74

    this save is for a different game error!

    nah, just Expansia I checked older versions that worked, same thing... I just did TOO much work to recreate it all. kinda bummed now.
  6. Ancientspark74

    this save is for a different game error!

    Well I went to a different computer in the house and tried and it still wont let me save and shows the error screen I gave up top in O.P. and that computer is on a totally different network as well. I am now looking at a previous build and listing plugins by date to find out which ones must...
  7. Ancientspark74

    this save is for a different game error!

    I apologize sincerely as that was NOT my intention at all, my bad.
  8. Ancientspark74

    this save is for a different game error!

    NO LUCK... this is SO confusing. :( Even with or without the Yanfly save core it STILL wont let me save or load and ONLY in web mode GRR.
  9. Ancientspark74

    How Deployment works with saved games needs an explanation please

    I think it would be advantageous if someone out there knows how the maker saves games differently according to the deployment style? If you publish from the steam version of RMMV will it matter at all after a deployment is made since your clients may or may not even have steam? How do the...
  10. Ancientspark74

    this save is for a different game error!

    I am trying it forcing local save mode with savecore from Yanfly... maybe this will work.. but PLEASE if anyone knows how this is happening PLEASE help! Thank you in advance MOST kindly!
  11. Ancientspark74

    this save is for a different game error!

    WTF... really? Where are the save files then cause I DELETED my folder and RE-uploaded to my server! I just tried clearing cache and that too did not work! has anyone seen this?
  12. Ancientspark74

    Terrax Puzzle system

    startwith not defined? it wont let me run this with making the events exactly OR copying the exactly, what is this startswith is undefined?
  13. Ancientspark74

    Xbox 360 controller stopped working on steam reinstall

    Am I missing something? MY browser version of my game DOES let me use my rock candy controller but I had to reinstall my OS and steam recognizes it in big picture mode yet it WONT work in MV at all and it USED to.. I even compiled to windows and tried that and it wont pick up the controller...
  14. Ancientspark74

    Party Guest/Pet Follower MV

    script editor is GONE in MV... so is there a guest party member plugin? i've checked the masterlist and have not found anything but  plugins allowing extra amounts of party members.. but I need this guest non-battling functionality in MV....  ?
  15. Ancientspark74

    Can I transfer an event to a different map?

    transfer event only allows moving an event to another location on the same map, or SWAPPING locations with another event someplace.. is there a script command I can use to move an event to another map? I COULD create a variable at the end of the event's 1st incarnation and then erase...
  16. Ancientspark74

    Standing still in a troop region or area - no attacks?

    Oh wow thats a neat idea..  that way standing still can still get attacks...  awesome work-around!  I'll try it and let you know if this works!
  17. Ancientspark74

    Standing still in a troop region or area - no attacks?

    So in life we have this thing that happens even if you stand still in one spot....  that thing is STUFF ... stuff HAPPENS regardless of whether you are standing still or not. So is there a way maybe through a plug in attract enemies even if you are not moving in an area or region where troops...
  18. Ancientspark74

    Maximum Items in default inventory?

    I've run these search terms and could not find an answer first.. so now I am wondering how BIG is the item inventory IN-GAME?
  19. Ancientspark74

    External links in game?

    THAT works amazingly, even if no buttons or toolbars. if you know how to get those to open in the window too, that would really rock. thanks this is a BIG help for my friend!
  20. Ancientspark74

    External links in game?

    okay weird my COPY of my game is WORKING...   strange indeed...   and that's the in-game plugin command NOT the title screen that part is still NOT coming up at all    I never even got to the point of going through the other plugins..

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