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  1. Zechnophobe

    What status effects do you think could use more effects?

    Just remember that the game is for the players, not the designer. The output of your hard work in making that boss is so it's fun to fight. That may mean you want to change how things effect it, but remember enjoyment is the goal, not having your boss crush people.
  2. Zechnophobe

    What status effects do you think could use more effects?

    Sleep changing defense to zero is heavily influenced by how your combat system works. The normal a.atk - b.def style damage formula would cause INCREDIBLE amounts of damage to be dealt to someone. If defense is simply a percentile scalar, however, it would possibly not be that big of a difference.
  3. Zechnophobe

    Events stop moving after being talked to

    Alright, I'll take a better look at it tonight and post an update (screenshot if still eluding me, or resolution if I figured it out).
  4. Zechnophobe

    Adding persistent data, how to use DataManager

    You could also just make a parallel list of data objects that your events have new functions for accessing them. I warn you though, that the event data system is fairly complex, so this may be more complex than you would otherwise think. I did use a system like this in my current game that ties...
  5. Zechnophobe

    Events stop moving after being talked to

    Okay, the back story here is that I'm creating events with scripts (Basically just doing a deep clone of existing events, and then modifying there page content). This is working fine, except that they stop doing their movement route (random) as soon as they are 'talked' to (used the action key...
  6. Zechnophobe

    change region id?

    @Andar Well, I'd assume you'd have a script call whenever the map loads that does it, with a single manual call to that script when the mountain gets rammed. But you are correct, it's always extra work to 'modify' the main data structures of the game.
  7. Zechnophobe

    Skill dependent on another skill. Problem implementing

    I am guessing you described this poorly. Is the idea that an ENEMY gets the state allowing your character to do the sneak attack on them? For instance, maybe the state is 'vulnerable' and so you can sneak attack them? One way to do this without doing anything fancy is to just make the Sneak...
  8. Zechnophobe

    change region id?

    Should be able to do this with a script. $ has all the map data, including the regions, though I'm not sure if all of that is public by default. You could also just use events so that when you move onto the tile next to the rammed mountain, it does a transfer to the tile on the...
  9. Zechnophobe

    What are you working on?

    Broke ground on my guild visitor system. The mages of your guild will now wander about it as you collect new ones, and visitors will show up in the Foyer.
  10. Zechnophobe

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    Hah, I have screen shots to share! It's just related to my new random encounter system, so no artistic talent applied to it:
  11. Zechnophobe

    What are you working on?

    Alright, so I've got the first concrete example of my random encounters system. As you quest, random encounters may exist on the map. Spot a little tent? Might be some bandits. A glowing circle? Magical storm. These random encounters are up to you to interact with, and take time to do (in game...
  12. Zechnophobe

    Level caps per chapter

    I used a very similar system in a DnD campaign I ran. Each chapter of the game represented one player level, so you leveled up after each chapter, and not in between. If you want to kick to the curb normal experience, that could be an interesting way to go. You'd completely remove the concept...
  13. Zechnophobe

    Breakable weapons... Yay or Nay?

    One of the big things to consider in game design, are 'player patterns'. If you make the mechanics in such a way, how will the players actually react to it? Consider 'consumables' in most games, like potions that give bonus to damage or defense or speed or what have you. Lots of players will...
  14. Zechnophobe

    What are you working on?

    Alright! I finally finished my proof of concept for random events! The idea is, say you are on a quest that takes you through the overland map. You head out to the destination of the quest (The city of Tufflebump) and on your way, see a little goblin camp has appeared nearby. This randomly...
  15. Zechnophobe

    What are you working on?

    Well, I've done a lot of work on the storyline of my game. It's been a long time coming, and has some what informed some of the mechanical decisions that I will make. I've also connected together some of the sub systems of the game now (including Guild objects, mage objects, and room objects)...
  16. Zechnophobe

    Mages discussion on actively flowing magic damage

    This is something I'm doing in my current game. I have one class of Mage that is meant to deal large damage early on in a fight, so they do boosted damage based on their MP rate (mp / mmp). It also makes effects that regenerate mana have more impact on them. I don't use it everywhere, just on...
  17. Zechnophobe

    How do you go about database work?

    The difficult part of doing this in RPG maker, is that you can't always move things around in the DB without having to make changes elsewhere. Ultimately, once something is in there, it's a pain to move. For people doing certain types of events and scripts (where you refer to an item/skill/actor...
  18. Zechnophobe

    Shi- boatloads of Skills

    Espon makes a good point. It can be easy to bloat things because you want to use a tiered system, instead of a smooth scaling system based on stats. That isn't always a bad thing (it could be part of your balance that a person only learns Heal 1 and Heal 2, but not heal 3 and 4, to demonstrate...
  19. Zechnophobe

    Having a Party Level

    Completely agree here, I am currently planning 30 Prestige Levels, and each one has something important it does. From increasing party size, to allowing you to construct more rooms in the guild, to unlocking new levels of quest, or traveling merchants. I want each rank to have an impact so it's...
  20. Zechnophobe

    What are you working on?

    Let me know how that goes. I haven't dived into menu customization yet, but it's something I've been eyeing for a while. Not really sure where to start, though I did look all up and down the window hierarchy.

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