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  1. Goddiga

    Add or Hide Option Commands using DreamX_Options Plugin

    Now I'm using DreamX_Options to add the switch command to the option menu. But I can only make it inaccessible like this. Is there any way to show/hide it using the switches/variables? Or maybe you can suggest alternatives to this plugin. DreamX's plugin...
  2. Goddiga

    Set Movement Route Overwrites Autonomous Movement

    Hello! I'm still a novice at RM, so I would like some tips for writing events. I set autonomous movement to an npc to make it move by itself, and to make it continue to complete the route even when the Player gets in its way. Like this. I want to make it so that when Player interacts with...
  3. Goddiga

    [RMMV] "Protective Clothing"

    Synopsis “Mass abduction; victims confined within a secluded factory,” the culprit’s true identity lies hidden under a hazmat suit. What is the motive behind this atrocity? Can all the victims escape in one piece? General Information Developer: Tukata Mayakon Publisher: Whateverzone Engine...
  4. Goddiga

    Using "Input._currentState.dir" to move the cursor.

    Hello! I was trying to make the cursor move by itself using "Input._currentState.dir". But, I've stumbled upon some problem. Ex. When I use "Input._currentState.down = true", the cursor will keep going down on its own only when I pressed Down button. Nothing happened when I pressed Up. I want...
  5. Goddiga

    RMXP [Translated] "LAst WEEK" v3.00

    "I am going to seek out 'tomorrow'. Yes,You hear it right." "I just have to stay alive until Friday, right?" Napa, the girl who has been haunted by the nightmare since childhood, decided to take a step into the abandoned school she saw in the dream. Something attempted to drag her into the...
  6. Goddiga

    Changing parameters in plugin with a script call?

    Hello! I was wondering if changing the parameters in the plugins command is possible? I'll provide an example of "SumRndmDde's Picture Choice" plugin here I want to know if it is possible to change the value within the red box via script call? Maybe I...
  7. Goddiga

    Making cursor to move or return by itself.

    Hello! I've been looking into "Window_Selectable" in "" and see that it could be possible for me to do some tricks with a cursor movement by using script call without writing the whole new script. I managed to invert the cursor movement by swapping the command in...
  8. Goddiga

    Digital copy perk and an actual game price.

    Hello! I was wondering if you would normally set the same price for the digital copy perk (may or may not include other rewards) and a selling price on Steam or anywhere else when crowdfunding or not. What's usually the sensible choice or your suggestion and why? 1. A perk for digital copy =...
  9. Goddiga

    [SOLVED] Need someone to modify HIME's Timed Choice Selection script.

    Hello! I was considered using HIME's Timed Choice Selection script, which will close the choice box and select the cancel choice automatically after some time has passed, in my game. However, its function was limited for a cancel branch choice only. I need it to be able to set up any choice I...
  10. Goddiga

    Scroll, persist and change direction for choices/cursors.

    Hello! I would like to request plugins for an extra settings for choice and cursor! I used to request this in VX ACE but now I'm planning to use them in MV as well. *Noted that I might use them in a commercial project so please tell me about your deal and permission. 1. Scrolling choice/cursor...
  11. Goddiga

    RMVXA Love x Lust (Unfinished Alpha Version 0.1)

    [Waiting for reconstruction]
  12. Goddiga

    Show pictures when choosing a choice.

    *Pictures from BASS and Hello! I would like to know if there's a script that can show picture when you are at the choices but not yet pressing any button. The background picture...
  13. Goddiga

    An RPG Maker event/expo/convention.

    Hello! I'm from Thailand. I really liked this engine and hope to make or see some events (like Tokyo Game Show but maybe in a smaller scale) which focus solely on RPG Maker-related or similar engines in my country one day. But it seems unlikely because of how small the popularity is. Just my own...
  14. Goddiga

    Angel & Demon's Pictures + Emotions

    [Temporarily Closed] I already have the design. But, the previous artist was too busy to finish the work. So, I'd like some help for the picture. Resource Type: Character Pictures + Emotions (From head to thigh) Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Japanese.. Manga.. Your own drawing.. Visual novel...
  15. Goddiga

    RMVXA "Anirone" puzzle fantasy game.

    (Picture by Greerenz) Anirone is a game about a girl name “Anirone” who has been locked inside a house. She need to find a way to get out of her room by collecting several things in another world. There will be many obstacles along the way, and only you have the power to help her go through...
  16. Goddiga

    I need a proofreader in my team.

          Hello! I'm a non-native English speaker. I'm Thai and still just a student. I'm doing the translation works with both Thai>Eng and Eng>Thai as of now . We're doing it as a group right now, though. My (I was doing this one alone) current Thai>Eng work is this one...
  17. Goddiga

    [Translation] Angel Painting ENG

    Download : *NOTED : I'M NOT A CREATOR OF THIS GAME. I'M JUST A TRANSLATOR. THIS GAME IS ORIGINALLY IN THAI.  YOU CAN CONTACT THE CREATOR HERE : Jojo741963  WEBBOARD : Gameworldth  Help with my description page : Misuke Kuwamoto  Proofreading : Frogge , Stu...

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