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  1. ParasiteBirth

    I have problems with my sprite sheet

    Hello! I just started working on a new project in RPGMaker MV and I need my protagonist to limp, but the sprite sheet features the full walk cycle and my knowledge with RPG Maker and sprite sheets is too limited for me to figure something out. Can someone please help me?
  2. ParasiteBirth

    Through which conditions am I able to sell my games?

    Hi, I'm fully aware this isn't really a 'technical' issue but I looked around the forums and could not figure where to post this question so anyway, here we go. I am currently working on a game I'd like to sell, however I have a few questions regarding 'legal' issues. - I am using my own...
  3. ParasiteBirth

    I can't change my game's folder name anymore?

    Hi, I am currently working on a new game. However the name I originally gave it and the name it has now don't match anymore. Everytime I compress the game data it makes a folder with the old name I gave it for folder name back in the day, I want it changed but all I can change is the title...
  4. ParasiteBirth

    I need help with the 2 following things

    Hello. I recently purchased Game Character Hub. Here is my situation. 1.I noticed that RPG Maker XP sprites are taller and in my opinion, look better, but I can't seem to make them 'fit?' or work properly in RPG Maker VX Ace when I create them in Character Hub. Can someone help me? 2. I do not...
  5. ParasiteBirth

    Condemnation: V.E.E (please delete)

    Please delete this thread. Thank you :)
  6. ParasiteBirth

    Condemnation - Episode 1 -

    Note: I apologize for the huge images, but I do not know how to make the spoiler tag. Hello everyone. This is my topic for my game called Condemnation. The first episode was completed a few weeks ago and I feel ready to post it here. -Story- Vanys Belgamo lives within the walls of the E.L.S...

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