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  1. Rirumato

    Conditional Branch and Switches Not Working

    Ah switch A is just a blank Heres when they make choice A and then Choice B This event itself is working ok, just idk if the switch is activating correctly. Maybe I'll try out variables for now
  2. Rirumato

    Conditional Branch and Switches Not Working

    Ah no, switch B is turned on when the player picks an option T 7 T
  3. Rirumato

    Conditional Branch and Switches Not Working

    Hello, I'm fairly new to RPG Maker MV so please help me out with my probably stupid mistakes. Right now I am making a scene where depending on the choice you make, there will be a bad end or not, during an autorun cutscene( Map A). After finishing the scene the player goes to another map and...

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