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  1. Exporting to Android Issues

    Hey, I couldn't attach the APK as it was big for some reason even though It was just a basic game, I didn't do anything in that game, I just edited the file mentioned in the link I have attached above and it magically worked.
  2. Exporting to Android Issues

    Hello, Im sorry that I thought I specified it when I mentioned that I tried exporting in MV and it works, I have added the HTML tag you have mentioned, however it did not work, my phone in Red Magic 5G, I tried with other emulators and the same result came :(. BTW, your English is great! :).
  3. Exporting to Android Issues

    Hi, These have been developed with MV, it works alright and have no issue, I have also tested MV and it works out fine, but somehow MZ is not working as intended with the issue mentioned above. Thanks!
  4. Exporting to Android Issues

    Hi, I wasn't using any plugin, I Simply wanted to test out to see if the export would work as intended, I have just exported a sample game and when I open it with my Android Phone, The title music Plays out with a dark screen until I left tab on the screen and then the game loads, I have tested...
  5. Exporting to Android Issues

    Hello, So I have successfully used two methods in exporting my game to an APK and install it on my phone, using two methods, Android Studio and Website to APK Builder, however I ran into a weird issue, in which the game screen is black while the music plays, and I have to click on the left side...
  6. In-game Real Money

    thank you all for replying, i think im going to take your advice, and i think im going to use another program for an android game since it needs alot of work and stuff, my team knows how to program but i even though about this code thing, its gonna be hacked and then everything is lost lol, so...
  7. In-game Real Money

    Hello..Im making a huge game with my friends and im having a bit of a problem, what im trying to do is the game wll be free but i want some stuff in that game to be like real life money so how do i do it? the things that i though is like making a site and ppl buy like a 5 dollar card to give...

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