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  1. Terumoc

    Plugin post held in moderation

    Gotcha, thanks for letting me know!
  2. Terumoc

    Plugin post held in moderation

    Hi Mods, Is there some particular reason my thread in JS Plugin releases is being held in moderation? It was posted yesterday and I haven't received any feedback nor has...
  3. Terumoc

    (Addon for Yanfly's Battle Status Window) Customize Actor Face Opacity

    I love Yanfly's Battle Status Window that includes the actor's faces as well as a nice large area for effect icons. However, I can't be the only one who ever wanted to change the opacity of the actor's faces for less visual clutter and so that the effects are more visible, like so: I've made...
  4. Terumoc

    Text Cache

    This fixes so many instances of weirdness and annoyance I had with using different fonts, thank you so much for sharing this! This makes using VXAce even more enjoyable. I still have one other issue with text, but I'll be putting up a separate thread regarding that... but this has fixed the...
  5. Terumoc

    Traits Namer

    This is exceptionally handy, thanks for making this public. I think I'll find this very useful both for debugging purposes and describing traits to players.

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