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  1. Blureinade

    Airship tilesets and music

    I am looking for tile sets for creating the interior of a airship and some final fantasy-esque music to it. I'd be grateful if you could find some links to that or even create it (only if you are up to it and are interested)
  2. Blureinade

    Default walk movement

    I am confused myself that I want to change the auto dash (current default) as the auto-walk when starting a new game and replace the A button for the dash instead of walking as of Yanfly's System options.
  3. Blureinade

    Interior effect in maps

    I have done the first option, I am wondering what is the default map effect surface colour? As I have changed the setting of in a dark cave and I wish to change it back to the default setting when playing the game normally. etc (100,0,0,0,0)
  4. Blureinade

    Interior effect in maps

    I have wondered myself, how can I make the maps looking more interior without shadows from the walls in buildings and even caves? It makes it look if the sun was facing at a half built building or cave and not the impression it's more inside and dim than excessive light and shadows.
  5. Blureinade

    Alarm tint and SE map

    I am wondering how do I a constant flashing red tint and the alarm SE on a map like escaping from a alarmed building when I leave that map and enter it and is still there, instead of a momentary flashing tint and SE by a event run?
  6. Blureinade

    Seamless image

    Side definitely. I am planning to scroll it horizontal.
  7. Blureinade

    Seamless image

    I am asking for help to create a seamless image as a request. I am wishing to use it for the airship sky scrolling parallax in the background for the visual effect.
  8. Blureinade

    Parallax background stop repeating

    How can I make a seamless image properly? I can resize a image, but it's just still the same, you can see it restarting. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Blureinade

    Parallax background stop repeating

    I am wondering how can I make the scrolling background on the airship to not repeat the image and make it on going horizontal? (alike the Final Fantasy VII high wind has a scrolling image of grass and you cannot see it if it's a actual image repeating itself)
  10. Blureinade

    Making CGI cutscenes

    I am indeed looking for 3D CGI cutscenes because the Final Fantasy game cutscenes have a big inspiration on me when I was younger.
  11. Blureinade

    Making CGI cutscenes

    I am wondering what software would be useful to create my own Final Fantasy-esque CGI cutscenes? (ala Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX)
  12. Blureinade

    Final Fantasy Victory EXP Screen

    I am asking for a victory screen like in the PS1 Version for VX Ace in different versions such as VII, VIII and IX , when I win a battle it comes up with my picture and actors as exactly in the video shown below and receive EXP and new items and abilities.  I am asking for three versions in...
  13. Blureinade

    Adding a dot on the World Map Common Event item.

    I am in need of help putting a navigator dot and vision on the world map item, so I can basically see where I am on the map after going into 'Item', then it shows a picture of the world map anytime. I also would like to have dots on the locations on the map too and showing a tag or label what...
  14. Blureinade

    How do I create my own pixel Battlebacks?

    I am wondering how to create my own pixel battlebacks similar to the Final Fantasy games such as VI.  I'd like to learn how to make the battlebacks of a cave, plains, ship and a forest. I know I could use Photoshop or GIMP to do, preferably Photoshop imo as I am more familiar with it. So, how...
  15. Blureinade

    Really needing Quicksand animated tiles.

    I am using the basic sample VX Ace tiles that are whirlpools and water.
  16. Blureinade

    Really needing Quicksand animated tiles.

    Not exactly, that either. But good idea. I really really mean, is that I like a tile for each square that the sand falls downwards (like a avalanche) as I intend to put it in a map with a big hole in the centre as if the sand sucked the desert and leaving a black gap within the area unveiling a...
  17. Blureinade

    Really needing Quicksand animated tiles.

    Thanks, I don't mean these for walking into. I actually mean quicksand tiles like Final Fantasy chimney smoke animated tiles. Quicksand like in Final Fantasy VIII D District Prison, background animated tiles, not like doors.
  18. Blureinade

    Really needing Quicksand animated tiles.

    I am asking nicely for quicksand animated tiles that I can place on a desert based map and animates sucking the sand alike falling off a mountain while testing the game or their is a option to make the default sand into quicksand by doing events and scripting?
  19. Blureinade

    World Map Menu

    I don't literally mean that. I really wanted a menu option to open up the world map on the menu. Similar to Status and Item. Just "World Map" and then it opens up the map and your current location via the menu.
  20. Blureinade

    World Map Menu

    I'd like a world map menu that is available of a click of a button while on the world map. Once it pops up and you see the map and the dots located on the places that you visited. (ala Final Fantasy VIII) I'd like how that you could autopilot your airship to the location you want to go in a...

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