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  1. Water Treatments

    I'd be happy to take a look. PM me with a zipped up version of your game and I'll crack it open. I'll play with the requests, give me a week - sorry I'm slow.
  2. Water Treatments

    I do take requests, but I only get to play with rpg maker from time to time. Right now I'm doing a lot of woodworking projects for the holidays, but I'm looking for opportunities to get back into this. Put your requests and I'll do my best to get to them. @firestalker, do you think some...
  3. Water Treatments

    My bad. I saw others doing it in other posts and assumed it was a regular thing. I won't do it again, and thanks for the warning. I'm new here
  4. Water Treatments

    See OP for sewer updates.
  5. Water Treatments

    @GrandmaDeb, edited terms to suggest crediting josh.x.guthrie - sorry I'm brand new to this. First submission.
  6. Water Treatments

    Reserved for future use.
  7. Water Treatments

    I really disliked how dark the original MV water tiles looked (especially on Inside_A1). I'm going to be doing some slight modifications of the water tiles (not just recoloring) and wanted to give back to the community what I come up with. I'll be updating this thread over the next few days I...
  8. Minnow's RTP Edits (Updated 12/05 with large tree!)

    Loving it! I'll add votes for bear, turtle, snake, owl.
  9. Flirion's Charsets and Facesets recolors (MV) - Updated 19/11/19

    Thank you for the recolors! Great start to my actors collection.

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