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  1. KeeperNovaIce

    In Need For RPG Maker MV RTP...

    I wouldn't mind having to edit them myself, but I struggle with it greatly. If I could? I would pay someone like $10-20 for the edits. It's not a -big- deal, but it would be a nice thought. Thanks. Finding love for certain MV Characters can be a challenge...
  2. KeeperNovaIce

    RMMV The Last Chronomancer (OFFICIAL CHAPTER 1 RELEASED)

    Just popping in my head to say HIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! I'm so proud of you! I finally decided to make a Forum Account knowing well I got so much planned!!
  3. KeeperNovaIce

    RMVXA Lost Legend - Tale of the Mursan Knights

    Synopsis: You play as Klayton. An elf-adventure keen on taking odd jobs. One day a friend of yours; Lauren approaches you. Her Master Sorcerer Zel'ema asks that you retireve something of importance. Something known as an Earth Sphere from the sealed cave of Majul just a short ways west of Lyea...
  4. KeeperNovaIce

    In Need For RPG Maker MV RTP...

    I was looking to branch out with more behaviors than what's provided, but thank you for your insight.
  5. KeeperNovaIce

    In Need For RPG Maker MV RTP...

    Resource Type: Characters, Character Set Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: I have plans on doing my own custom art, but I suck at Sprite Editing. All I would require are behaviors such as Damaged (A few more positions than what they provide for MV like what they did...

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