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  1. Ariaka

    [MV] Yanfly Battle System - STB; Action Per Turn Limit Issue

    Hello, The short: Yanfly's STB Battle System plugin hard-codes a limit of one action per turn (excluding instant casts). Is there any way to remove this block to allow actors multiple actions in a turn when "Action Times+" is in use? The winded: According to the script itself, the STB plugin...
  2. Ariaka

    Brief; Looking for a plugin to replace the timer with an image.

    Expanded; I am wanting to, instead of the default timer, have an image display where a figure crosses a path. Moving from one side to the other in time with the timer. For example, the figure starts on the left side when the timer is called/started. The figure moves across the bar/road/image...
  3. Ariaka

    Need HP/MP Bar Organization Help...

    First, this is not a scripting question. I know I will need to use scripting to get my idea to work. What I am having trouble with, is how to organize the graphics for my hp/mp bars. Basically the top two bars represent the hp/mp. The third set represents hp/mp that have not yet been...
  4. Ariaka

    Animated Item Icons

    Okay, hopefully I can be clear. I am looking for someone to make (or help me make) a script that will allow you to animate the item icons. Having the animation cycle through set icons in the icon list. Example- I figured the easiest way would be doing something to item note-tags...
  5. Ariaka

    Starting small, best way to define a species

    I decided to learn Javascript to make a plug-in for a breeding game. Jeremy Cannady did a wonderful job making a basic breeding plugin when I made a request, but it simply did not do what I was looking for...
  6. Ariaka

    Buff affecting skills... troubles...

    Okay, I am wracking my brain trying to figure out how to do something specific. I am using one state and two skills for this example. State; Enrage - supposed to lower the user's hit chance, evasion, but increase damage. Skill 1, dummy skill; Set Enrage - for testing purposes to inflict...
  7. Ariaka

    Breeding Plug-in Request

    I am fairly shocked that I was unable to find this already requested. (Could not find anything at least.) A brief explanation of the game I am wanting the plugin for: The player raises and breeds dragons. The dragons grow stronger as they get older. Stats will have a natural range for each...

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