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  1. Destiny Warriors: The Way of the Ninja

    Found some more Ninjalex Spoilered cause of Possible Spoilers and since this isn't a bug report and a personal opinion I wont spoiler it, the footsteps noise is a nice touch, but you have such a vast amount being used and some can be extra loud and some times annoying (Sand, Grass) but walking...
  2. Destiny Warriors: The Way of the Ninja

    Just downloaded the game earlier today and i'm on Chapter Three, Loving it so far, haven't found any bugs as of yet however i have found some spelling Errors. I remember one was "Adeventur!" and I remember Iv'e and the sorts  :)  But other than that I am truly enjoying this, even tho i can't...

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uh oh, I just tapped into a fresh, deep vein of nightmare fuel right here guys:
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Sweet nostalgia. My fave Final Fantasy game.
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just discovered thig game called Willowbrooke Post... beautiful artstyle if I do say so myself... does anyone know what this kind of style is called??

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