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  1. Change HUD image mid-battle with MOG Battle Hud

    Hi, I would like a way to change the HUD image mid-battle if a switch is on. So instead of using "Layout_screen" it would use "Layout_screen2" or whatever. Plugin: Thanks for your help.
  2. MOG_Weather_EX duplicating/reloading ALL weather layers when adding new layer or clearing weather

    I'm using Mog's plugin to show multiple layers of weather in battle. Assuming you've already setup some weather on the map, if you then use one of the plugin commands, such as (weather : 3 : 2 : 2 : 100 : 2 : Fire_01A) or (clear_weather: 10) in battle with a troop event or common event then...
  3. Yanfly's CTB - Hide Turn Order Window

    Hi, I need some help hiding the turn order display in some specific circumstances such as on the victory screen and when text is displayed in battle (temporarily hiding). If someone could either point out how to do it, I would be extremely grateful. Script...
  4. YED Sideview Battler Change sprite mid-battle

    Hi, I am using Yami Sideview battler and I would like to be able to change actor and enemy sprites in mid-battle (e.g. an actor transforms, or an enemy changes color to prepare for a skill, etc). Please note that I do NOT want to change the actor, just the sprite. It can be done in a snippet of...

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