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  1. RMVNex

    Keep EXP upon changing classes?

    In the game I'm making, characters can be upgraded by level and by tier. Each tier is the same as the last one but with higher base stats, critical chance, and so on. However I have a big problem. When a character's class is changed (which means when I upgrade that character's tier) the...
  2. RMVNex

    Base stats over 999?

    One of my character's agility stat reaches 1,031 but now I can't figure, even with Yanfly's Base Parameter plugin, how to make it get to 1,031... Mega headache, mega discouragement... Cause I'll need this for many other characters in my game and if I can't get this to work I'll have to scale...
  3. RMVNex

    Character Synergy Boosts? Or variable based on stats?

    Bold blue part is why I want to do this, and then the bold green part is just the question itself. Just skip to the question if you don't care. My game has 16 different characters (planned, might be more, might be less). I'm using many different ways to encourage players to use different...
  4. RMVNex

    Summonable character?

    How would one have a witch that could summon a skeleton for like 4 turns, and then have it vanish after or vanish after dying or at the end of a battle?
  5. RMVNex

    An ability that would partially transfer a portion of stats?

    I posted this over a week ago, maybe even longer, and got no answer from anyone. If re-posting it is against the rules please simply let me know and I'll remove it as soon as I see your message, or you can just remove it if you have the ability to do so. I apologise if it does count as breaking...
  6. RMVNex

    Replayable daily quest?

    I've been playing a game on mobile that I love, Eternal Arena, and one of the reasons I absolutely love this game is because of the daily progress system. Everyday, players have certain amounts of every game mode in the game they can do certain amounts of time. In total, they add up to 30...
  7. RMVNex

    More enemies or less but tougher enemies with higher rewards?

    Before answering I'll explain what my game is like. The game play revolves around selecting 3 of 16 heroes (maybe more but this is all I have planned for now and this is how I plan to keep it) to form a team. There are warriors, mages, tanks and support characters. Only 1 will be able to...
  8. RMVNex

    An ability that would partially transfer a portion of stats?

    My game has (now 16, had to scale back cause I was putting the bar too high) many characters which do all sorts of things. My game revolves around building the best team possible with characters who's abilities work in synergy with each other. Now, I was wondering, how would one do an ability...
  9. RMVNex

    I'm probably just gonna give up if I can't fix this.

    I've had so many issues, most of which I could fix myself but if not I could at least figure what was causing the issue and from there I could ask for help, but this time... I know when it started, but not what started it. I'll post everything I know. When: Once I managed to get my new plugins...
  10. RMVNex

    I'm unable to load plugins now...

    It was working just fine before, but now for some reason I can't load plugins. The only thing I can think of is the directory itself, which is the following: C:\Users\Mikael Malette\Desktop\Games\W.I.P Games\Undead Paradox\js I'm assuming it could be the spaces in the username or in the game's...
  11. RMVNex

    I am absolutely confused with browser games...

    How would one go about putting their game in a browser? I deployed my game into the web browser and once I click the index.html file it just shows an error. I didn't expect it to work, but what's to do after this? Also, would this work in mobile browsers such as safari on iOS or chrome on...
  12. RMVNex

    Convert different items into a specific one? (Not sure how to explain it)

    In my game, each tier upgrade requires the weapon (or armor or whatever) from the last tier + 10 ingots from the new tier and the second tier of the same one (not important but just explaining) is the first tier of that tier + 20 ingots (obtained from gameplay or crafting them from previous...
  13. RMVNex

    Changing max speed over 6?

    I did this post a while ago, last year, and I didn't need it a lot at the time. I got no answer back then, so I'm re-posting it. I apologise but I really need it now. The post below is the exact thing I posted last year. This certainly isn't complicated, but I'll ask it since I've been trying...
  14. RMVNex

    Equipment stats over 500?

    How would one allow gear to give bonuses above 500? I have a weapon that gives +649 attack and the highest boost I'm looking to give (with the max tier weapon in my game) is +1,461 attack. How would this be possible?
  15. RMVNex

    How to create some sort of rune effects?

    In the project I'm currently making, I'm trying to create as many ways to upgrade the user's team rather than just levels and gear. One of the methods I was thinking to doing this would be runes. As you progress through the game, you'd collect rune shards. Upon getting these, you could...
  16. RMVNex

    Reflect X% damage?

    Hi! In the game I'm making, there are about 20 different characters (as of right now). Some are warriors, others are mages, others are supports and the others are tanks. Now I want to make a bit of diversity amongst those tanks, not just taking hits and a bit of healing here and there. I was...
  17. RMVNex

    Need help with the crafting plugin... Glitchy and annoying.

    First of all I'm not sure if I posted this in the right place, and I apologize if I didn't. I'm dealing with an extremely annoying problem here. I'm using a crafting plugin which works with notes. I entered all the weapons I wanted to put in the weapons crafting list, but I entered the weapon...
  18. RMVNex

    Extremely strange bug happening...

    I just stumbled upon one of the strangest glitches if not the strangest I've ever seen... There's this one map I used just to test a tileset on. I used a default forest town map. After messing around with it, I decided that the map was useless and that I'd delete it. For some extremely odd...
  19. RMVNex

    A bunch of questions regarding combat abilities...

    I have a bunch of characters who can do different abilities in my game... And I'm trying to make a few diverse ones, so the abilities are very... special... Problem is they're either complicated to make, or I'm a complete idiot who doesn't know how to use MV... So here are my questions on how to...
  20. RMVNex

    Changing max speed?

    This certainly isn't complicated, but I'll ask it since I've been trying to do this for a while. In my current project, there are menus where basically it's a click-to-do-stuff-in-the-menu kinda thing. The way it works is by making my character invisible and having a parallax background of my...

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