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  1. Winter Witch

    Amy's MZ Edits

    Hi Amy! Those emotion sets are fantastic! Is there any chance you do them for the SF actors as well? I'm desperatley searching for the bust of SF Actor 3_5 (the male thief guy) without the mask, but with a smile.... o_O He's supposed to be a love interest who takes off the mask and smiles before...
  2. Winter Witch

    Is there a function to find events ingame as the player?

    Thank you so much! It worked! I made a common event which activates a switch, wait 60 frames and then deactivates it again. The clickable objects have a second page which is activated by this switch and show a smaller version of the light balls animation. This is exactly what I imagined. I'm...
  3. Winter Witch

    Is there a function to find events ingame as the player?

    Thank you very much for the quick response! I will try this, it sounds great
  4. Winter Witch

    Is there a function to find events ingame as the player?

    Hello everyone! I'm currently making a Point-n-click type horror/detective game and realised, that some puzzles and items might be too hard to solve/find in a detailed map. In many games in the "solve a crime/mystery" genre, there's a function to find clickable objects and I was wondering if...
  5. Winter Witch

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Hello everyone! This plugin is fantastic! I'm working on a game that takes place inside of caverns and mines, so playing with the lights brings a lot of atmosphere. Is it possible, somehow, to block lights, for example with region ID, not completely, but, let's say, to be a barrier for the...
  6. Winter Witch

    How do I change my username?

    @Archeia Hello! I'd like my username to be changed to Winter Witch. Thank you! :smile:
  7. Winter Witch

    Help with a costume state

    Without any plugin, I managed to make a state that attacks allies and adds the skill "Escape" (just don't know, if the state owner uses it afterwards). I just couldn't find a possibility to also heal enemies, but maybe it helps a bit? If so, you can change the restrictions beneath the name in...
  8. Winter Witch

    Winter Witch's MZ-MV-Mix

    I don't remember, if they use the old tilesets with the same names (like outside_1), but you can easily rename them and copy them into the tileset folder. Then you insert them in the tileset manager and everything's like before. Tilesets with other names, like the ones you downloaded from here...
  9. Winter Witch

    Winter Witch's MZ-MV-Mix

    Yes, you can even convert your MV game files to MZ, only the MV plugins are not usable in MZ, so they won't work anymore. But your graphics and sounds can be used in both programs.
  10. Winter Witch

    Winter Witch's MZ-MV-Mix

    Thanks for your replies! Today, I added the boy and girl from "people_1" as ghosts :smile: I hope, you like them
  11. Winter Witch

    The songs that get stuck in your head

    "Home" by Kings Road, which is included in the country road radio in cities skylines. I play it a lot recently and the music from this fake radio station is very relaxing while I build my boreal mountain city.
  12. Winter Witch

    Your dreams on the next RPG Maker(RMMV updates or brand new ones)

    Being able to walk over a tile from one side and beneath it from another. Like a bridge over a canyon with a path underneath. I really hoped, this would be possible with the layer system in MZ, but this doesn't seem to be the case.
  13. Winter Witch

    How to draw a sprite/tile above event-sprite

    Have you tried to mark it with a star? The door has the same priority as the player, I suppose? If so, you could try to put the star marker on the tile, like on the ones you want above the player. This usually works for events with the same priority as the player, too, since NPCs should also...
  14. Winter Witch

    Winter Witch's MZ-MV-Mix

    Hello everyone! :MV2: It's been a long time since I posted here and since I had the time to work on tilesets. But somehow my creativity came back and I decided to give it a try. There's not much yet, but I want to do more and expand this thread. :smile: Terms of use I mixed some RTP...
  15. Winter Witch

    Cherubia's MV Resources

    :kaojoy: Hello there! After a long time I decided to try to make my own RTP edit based tilesets. Not only for my games, but also for this awesome community, after I have benefited from your generosity so many times. Feel free to use my edits in both non-commercial and commercial games. Credits...
  16. Winter Witch

    Terrax Lighting system

    Hello Terrax, first of all, thank you so much for making this. I was really looking forward to a light plugin. And that's why I have to write to you now, because as soon as I activate the script in my game (The demo works perfectly fine), I get this error whenever I want to start a new game or...
  17. Winter Witch

    Bust Script

    I was just compressing the game data for a demo, wenn I had an idea. I found the problem. I was using Yanfly's Message Engine for names boxes. After deleting it, it worked. Sorry for bothering you :blush:
  18. Winter Witch

    Bust Script

    Hi Napoleon! Your script works really fine, thank you very much for sharing it! :) But, I must confess, I have a very little problem. When the text in the message box appears, it leaves some free space, where the face picture was supposed to be. The bust appears above the text frame, but the...
  19. Winter Witch

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    This is Luk'Rar, the Luperian capital from my game Syaga Stories (Link is in the signature). It has a port, that can be used by players to travel to other continents. The land of the Luperians is far in the north of Syaga. The port isn't completely finished yet, a few houses and landscape is...
  20. Winter Witch


    I'm playing World of Warcraft, but on a RP-Realm (Die Aldor-EU), so I'm not a progress gamer. I'm guild master of a pandaren RP guild (Horde), and it's very much fun.

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