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  1. Vincentus

    Eli Pause Game - Works like the old retro games!

    Also interested for a Pause feature during Battles. Cool plugin though !
  2. Vincentus

    Theo - Enemy HP Gauge

    I'm not sure if VS or someone else has made a plugin or fix for that. By default, with a 1080p Res, the enemy placement is kinda limited to the left side of the battle screen. (like if I place one completely at the right, it will appear close to the middle of the battle screen. Exemple in the...
  3. Vincentus

    Theo - Enemy HP Gauge

    Alright, thanks for the answer. I managed to fix the placement with the Offsets. Gonna be annoying to do it for each enemy though, but that's okay. And yeah I use VS' Battle Core Plugin, but I tried to disable every plugin but yours and this issue still happens. So, I tried to switch back my...
  4. Vincentus

    Theo - Enemy HP Gauge

    Thanks for this plugin. It suits my need a bit better than the gauges from VisuStella's BattleCore plugin. However, I can't see any Offset settings, and the gauges are misplaced by default. I'm using the 1.0.1 plugin version. Did I misunderstood something ? Thanks.

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