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  1. caiopalhares

    Lose half Gold

    Thank you so very much for the quick response. It worked like a charm. Have the best of days!
  2. caiopalhares

    Lose half Gold

    Hi guys, Beginner here, so apologies if the question is basic. I'm trying to make the player lose half its gold, on an specific event. How do I do that? I didn't quite work out how gold and variables work together. Thanks in advance, Caio
  3. caiopalhares

    Events to function as "Ladders" and "Counters"

    You sir, has my thanks! Brilliant.
  4. caiopalhares

    Two-tile event, higher part solid

    I tried fixing by using two tiles event. I manage to get both events sprites syncing: However, no matter how I set the movement route, if the player pushes one of the tiles, it will differentiate from the other when obstacles are hit: Can anyone give me a hand with this?
  5. caiopalhares

    Two-tile event, higher part solid

    Hi everyone, Newbie here, so apologies if this is basic. I'm trying to create a puzzle in which the character has to push logs, and consequently the logs to roll. The log event image is bigger than a single tile, so I created the sprite and added it using the $ symbol before the name...
  6. caiopalhares

    Materials by Haydeos!

    Hi Haydeos, based on your re-colouring of the soldier sprites, I did the same for the Captain Sprites, to match. Also to the Down sprites, in case anyone needs. Best Regards, Caio
  7. caiopalhares

    RMMV: 1.6.0 update - Event Images Cannot be Changed to Tileset Images

    Same here... Any news from the devs?
  8. caiopalhares

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Hi Avy, I'm only new, so if I'm in any way breaching your terms, please let me know. I've modified the "Wolf's Face", as I intend to use it as an actor. I'd like to thank you for all your work, it is brilliant. Greetings from Ireland <---Removed by mod as it's against Avery's terms to repost--->

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